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2007 Theme Park Review NL Tournament: Event Cancelled

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But galaxy said he found a number of people ready to start again, and he persuaded me. This canceling thing is uncalled for. He said he loved the contest, but he dropped it anyways, despite my best attempts to make him do otherwise.


WHAT!? How can you even say that! YOU were persuading me to trash the contest the entire time, I told you I found a few people that were still making their rides because I wanted to give them a chance, but you were RIGHT. More people than not had no interest in the contest, so I stopped it. No use getting my own hopes up. Canceling it is uncalled for!? How about your avid attempts to get me angry at you this entire contest? You nit-picked at me the whole time, I wanted to kick you out, but I couldn't because you would've flipped on me and most likely said something to get me banned. You've been trying to poke loopholes into my contest rules, and nobody cared but you. You were finding the stupid little things that nobody would even have a question about and blowing them out of proportion. I'm tired of you treating me like crap on the forum, and outside of it.


You've been trying to get me angry at you so much it's not even funny, you've been spamming me on MSN, you've been driving me insane! You never persuaded me to do anything, you've made me so angry at you sometimes why would I even take anything you say into account? You were so determined to 'own' everyone in the contest, which you never even completed in the first place, and then you're trying to twist my words into what you want them to mean.


You KNOW I meant well this entire thing, but I was trying to just ignore you, and let you get through the contest. I blocked your contact with me on MSN, told you to stop talking to me about the contest, here and other places because I knew you were just going to try to get me to cancel it because of you. Well, it didn't work. You know what? I could care less if there were 500 loopholes in my rules, they were well written for the most part, and MOST people have common sense.


I'm tired of you doing this, just stop it.


PS: I'm sorry about taking outside matters into the forum, but he was involved with it here as well. I'm just tired of it.




This is your final warning. Next time I see you flaming other members or posts with this obnoxious of a tone you WILL BE BANNED. And not for 24 hours, FOR GOOD.


I've given you enough warnings and I'm freaking sick of your comments.


--Robb "And from what I'm hear I'm not the only one sick of your sh1t." Alvey

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A Second of Realism from Rock MacDaniel:


There would have been a maximum of 3 entries had Calaway not extended the deadline... again. DEADLINE, what does that word mean? Oh yeah, it means that if you volunteer to participate and then do not complete your entry on time you either admit your failure to complete, for whatever reason, or move on.


Before somebody jumps on me, I at least admit that I was dumb and misread the rules so I would have been disqualified had I finished on time anyway. Everybody else getting angry over Calaway canceling the tournament before they finished, since you were all suddenly inspired to actually finish, after extending the deadline TWICE needs to just get over it. Calaway has all the right to cancel this tournament, not only for people losing interest, but also because there were only two who didn't and that is not enough to continue the competition anyway.


A tournament is a challenge, you are supposed to work your time to enter it, not the other way around. We all obviously didn't and I don't see how any of us could possibly get angry at Calaway. If you really think you are going to finish a submission and not just blow it off again, start another tournament if you want one so bad. It's just my personal opinion, but I get the feeling nobody would enter that one either... not on time, at least.



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I don't think people ran out of time...I think they just lost interest. Extending the due date will do nothing, IMO. Time to drop this contest I guess.


Dude, what the hell? I was SO happy about the extension, because I needed the time for my coaster. I worked all night non-stop so I would be ready this time, and then you just blow it off, for no good reason? I thought you were all for this contest....I guess I was wrong about you....





I'm sorry but something is wrong there. I don't mean to start anything, I just want to point this out. Perhaps Calaway was right in cancelling this, but wrong in getting mad at Nightmare. If he had to, he should have simply PMed Nightmare.


Personally, I think that everyone was a little bit wrong in their own ways.


^Wow. Immature and stupid.

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