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Batman The Dark Knight teaser

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Well we all know Heath Ledger is the Joker, sorry if this topic is already made etc...But its so far gone I'd rather make a new one..



Well folks here he is the Joker.



Discuss your thoughts on how this movie will go.The new joker looks goth/satanic , he actually looks the part of a killer now..

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One thing you have to remember is this Batman goes more in dept with details, the comic book is "Darker" than that of the original movies. Such also as the fact that the Jack Nickleson joker, was his own doing..he threw out the script for Improvisational acting . So he was being himself. This also has nothing to do with the old TV show so its I guess going to be more cruel and dark with alot of satanic laughing.

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Yea I started to tire of batman until these 2 were thought of ,over done actors started to annoy me . Jim Carry, Umma Thurmen, Tommy Lee Jones, Govenator Freeze..., Chris O'Donald, Nichole Kidmen, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Who am I missing? Anyone?


I mean this movie from "Begins" has a fresh start..atleast they wont go into the "Batman Beyond" series ...I hope..



Oh and I remember back in I think it was 1997 they said this on the radio.. "When will they hang up the bat suit" I mean somehow the way stuffs going I see a "Batman Vs. Superman" movie coming out..



(As I said that I found that under a 2008 movie listing O_O... holy poop!

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