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Knott's Great America

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Seems to be the year for park name changes in NorCal, first SFMW, then Bonfante Gardens, and now Great America:




Can understand if the name patent is really the reason why. Otherwise, seems pointless to me, between Marriott and Paramount, the park was simply known as Great America for years. Hope SCBB doesn't get any wild hairs up their arse and change their name too!

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Hoo, boy--another example of corporate genius at work, although I understand their problem, if Six Flags has made a legal claim to the GA monicker.


Maybe "Cedar Fair's Ghetto America"?

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They should put the name "Knotts" in front of all of their parks- Knotts' Point, Knotts' Fair, Knotts' Adventure, and then they should build an all new park...



Knotts' Landing!



ooo ooo ooo...another one....Knotts' Fun


Dont forget Knott's Island and Knott's Lake

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For an even worse idea, they should rename KI to "Don Knotts Island". They can rename Face/Off, a movie nobody has ever seen in the history of the world, to "Three's Company: The Ride". Why? Because it makes about as much sense as this move.

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