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Which company makes the better spinning coasters?

Which company makes better spinning coasters?  

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  1. 1. Which company makes better spinning coasters?

    • Maurer Sohne
    • Gerstlauer
    • Mack

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I have been in this debate for a LONG time. Which company makes better spinning coasters? Which company's spinnning coaster is more painful?


Maurer Sohne's spinners tend to be faster. The riders sit back to back. Not to mention they are generaly custom coasters rather than mass production models.


Gerstlauer's spinning mechines are more wild mouse style coasters. Riders face each other rather than sitting back to back, but the thing that makes Gerstlauer's spinners not as fun to me is that they generally aren't custom coasters.


So what do YOU think?


MOD EDIT: Added Mack as an option and allowed users to undo their votes if they'd like to swith their vote over to Mack.


Maurer Sohne spinning coaster


Gerstlauer spinning coaster

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I have only been on a MS Spinner, Spinball Whizzer.


I thought it was great fun and the SRQ meant I could do a few rerides without queing for well over an hour in the normal que.


I will be rideing Tarantula the biggest MS Spinner in June and that looks like a great ride.


I think siting inwards like on GS spinners will be more intense than sitting outwards like on MS spinners but the MS spinners seem to have more custom layouts and have better layouts than the GS spinner.


I think MS spinners look better.

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Anyone who picked Gerstlauer hasnt been on a MS... MS pwn Gerst in every way....


MSP at SFNE gives you maybe 3 spins the full ride.....

Dragons Fury gave 3 spins... on the second lifthill alone!


I would also take Rev/Zamp spinners over Gerstlauer ones.

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Maurer not ONLY pwns Gertie.. but most B&M's, Intamins, CCI's, GCI's, Gravity Groups, Arrows, Vekomas, Huss flats, Chance Flats, Sex, Football, Donkeys, the NCAA tournement, YetiBall, KidTums, Hippo.. uhh what were we talking about?

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