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RCT2- The gardens

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A park I've been working on the past 6 hours or so. It has some "fake" areas and games in it, and I plan on adding a waterpark. It has quad S&S shot/drop towers, a woodie, a shuttle loop, and an arrow corkscrew.

overview of the park

"Demon" the arrow corkscrew

a "fake" area.

"Hornet" the shuttle loop

"sidewinder", now with smooth 4 train operation

Overview of the layout

Quad shot/drop towers

Upper end of the park




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Looks good so far. I'm glad people are still making parks with RCT2 and not the awful new version. (Okay, I'll give CoasterCam some credit, but it just seems to have lost it's charm.)


The woodie looks like alot of fun, and 4 S&S towers makes for a great landmark ride for people to see as they are driving to it.


I think the queue lines look a bit odd being so simple and zigzag-ed; usually they are less pronounced in real parks ore more heavily themed, but that's just my personal taste.


Good work.

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