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^ Don't be jealous....you have MUCH better parks than we do!


--Robb "Would love to live on the east coast again!" Alvey



I do agree the east coast does have MUCH better Theme Parks. I'm from CT


Forget you guys! We here at the West Coast have some of the best parks around! Like:

-The first Disney park

-Knott's Berry Farm

-We have California Screamin' (second longest coaster in the USA)

-Six Flags Magic Mountain

-Paramount's Great America

-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

-Universal Studios Hollywood


Maybe it's not as good as the east coast, but I am proud of living in the West Coast! Because there are a few things that we on the West Coaster have that the East Coast don't!


---I live on the West Coast, and I am proud of it!


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WOw that ride sucks. Its not even in SPACE! They just killed it. Florida's space mountain is way better.
Well, that's because it's temporarily the "Rockin'" version. They took out the space effects and added Red Hot Chili Peppers music as a promotion...


Normally, it has music and very nice special effects... and it is in space.

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I'm still SHOCKED that no one has found the easter egg in that update yet!


All I will say is that anyone who finds it will be rewarded.....it has something to do with "Elissa being naked!"



Good luck finding it!



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