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Vekoma wheel


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I remember from some pictures a few years ago someone getting a Vekoma wheel and it was being passed around in a restaurant. How do you go about getting one, or perhaps even an Intamin wheel?


I've just been curious and if it's not that hard I'd love to get one. Thanks





-Nick C.

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^ That actually did happen in the Efteling with the Vekoma trains on Python.


You could always try getting one from a park. That's how I got my collection.


A final pic of the entire collection.


Flying Dutchman Gold Mine at Walibi World. A friend won two of these in the same lottery, but since he didn't want them, he gave them away.


El Condor at Walibi World. This one, I won in a lottery during one of the fan days.


Either Air Race or Revolution at Bobbejaanland. I got it the same day as the LS wheel. Sadly, Jacky (the former owner) didn't know from which ride it is.


Looping Star at Bobbejaanland. We got one as a gift after riding LS a full day for charity.

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