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Favorit place on a ride to sit


Where do you want to sit on a ride  

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  1. 1. Where do you want to sit on a ride

    • The Front
    • The Back
    • The Middle
    • Anywhere they will let me

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Either front car or back car. If the line is long for the very front (duh, it always is) then second to front and lean over to see if not too bumpy. If line is long for very back, then go 2nd to back. If cars are only 2 rows, then 2nd to back has a better view anyway and the view plus forces equals a much better ride than very back looking at the back of a headrest.

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^ Most inverted coasters are best in the front and so is Express at Walibi World (the outdoor RnRc clone), but Black Mamba, Katun, Goliath (Walibi World) and EGF are better in the back. If possible, I'll ride every coaster 3 times. Once in the front, once in the back and once in the middle to find out what seat on that specific coaster is the best.

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I will use Nemesis as my example as its every man for himself in the station. None of that "you go there" cwap.


I won't go for the front as it can add up to 20 mins to the queue and the only thing special is the view.

So I prefer the back, you can't see where you're going anyway so why not make the most of the ride by getting marmalised.


For a completely different experience, try Nemesis, back row, in the dark. Now that is a ride worth remembering.


So because the poll is too general, I will use my above example and say back.

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Well, there are alot of opinions on coasters. Like on Millennium Force, the one guy that rode over 1,000 rides on Millennium Force said the best seat is in the middle. What I have noticed is you get the best airtime in the very back seat. Also in the back, the overbanks are pretty intense. The front offers excellent views and such, but I didnt find the airtime as intense as the back.


On Dragster - Hahahaha....if you would like your eyes gouged out by wind, go for it. LOL


On rougher coasters, go for the front

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For rides like S:ROS at SFDL, the front was a little more than ok. The back, however, was insane! There was ejector airtime on pretty much every drop, the same thing for Comet at Great Escape. I like the back on most coasters, however it still depends. If the park is huge, like Cedar Point, I want to get in as many coasters as possible, I might just go to whatever has the least lines, and maybe go for the front or back on the ones that have little lines, or if the rides are at night, when there usually isn't a lot of lines anyway. For rides like Laser at Dorney Park, I will pick the front, as I find it much more intense.

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For me it really depends on what coaster I am on. For Example if I were on the Incredible Hulk i would want to sit int the front becuase it launches instead of going up a chain lift so you dont just hang over the hill. If i were on superman ride of steel SFNE i would sit in the back because you get more airtime in the back seat on superman.

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B&M Coasters (except for stand-up ones) - Back seat, preferably an outside seat

Stand-ups - Front seat, preferably inside

Woodies - Depends... Most of the time, back seat, but with GhostRider, the 3rd car is my favorite

Vekomas or other rough steel coasters - Middle

X - Front, because it's the smoothest... but every row gets just as much wind

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If it's a wooden coaster I sit at the Front (if not a big Q) or the back. 1st ride I sat at the back on the Beast


On Steel I sit in the middle if it is a new coaster and then head towards to the back. It does depend on the coaster you are riding.


Nemesis has to be the front row if the Q is short, if not then the back part of the train.

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I don't really like sitting at the last row, I know on many coasters the forces are experienced most strongly at the back, but still somehow, I can't really explain it, it just isn't my favourite place to sit.

I tend to sit quite in the middle, closer to the front. If possible (there's no extra queue for the first row) then I'll obviously sit in the first row.

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