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Best Drop Ride!!!

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My favourite dropride would have to be venom at West Midlands Safari Park in birmingham, It's half a detonator and if you sit on the end it is so freaking scary! It creaks when you are at the top aswell and the seats are really comfy.



BlackHole2005 (I should get it changed to BlackHole2007)

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As I've only been on 2 drop rides (Mystery Castle at Phantasialand and Scream at Heide Park) I would say my favorite would be Scream because it's so scary and fun!


^Mystery Castle CAN be fun. It's weird, because there is a 50/50 thrill factor with it. I remember when I went, I would be on one side that served almost as a really big "Frogger". But then on the other side, I got an actual drop ride! If Mystery Castle was consistent with their drop ride program, it would definitely be my favorite drop ride.

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1. Tower of Terror (DCA)

2. Supreme Scream (KBF)

3. Panic Plunge (Silverwood)

4. Cliff Jumper (Scandia)


Tower of Terror is probably the most amazing non-coaster ride I have ever experienced.

I like ARM/Larson the best overall.

I don't care for shoot-n-drop towers that much, but a slow lift and bouncing, like on Supreme Scream, can be fun.

I think a slow lift is usually more exciting than being held at the top, which to me is more relaxing.

I've been on 8 drop rides, so the half that failed to make the list are ones that don't meet my preferences or ones that are simply shorter than the listed ones.

As a whole, though, I think drop towers are pretty fun and rerideable! Even the ones that aren't scary--and the ones that are can be some of the most extreme psyche-outs imaginable.

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Pretty much any Intamin 2nd Generation Freefall. I used to be scared of them but once I got on Pit Fall at Kennywood I was hooked...now I love all of them (Kings Island's is my favorite so far).


Blue Fall and Giant Drop are right next to some of the best coasters in the world on my list of what rides I want to get on the most and ASAP.

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure is my favorite drop ride because it is just an outstanding ride overall and it actually drops more vertical feet than any other drop tower during the ride (although it is never in true freefall). However, this ride is so different from a standard drop tower that it is hard to count it. My top three standard drop towers are:


1. Drop Tower (California's Great America)

2. Power Tower (Cedar Point)

3. Supreme Scream (Knott's Berry Farm)


I'm not a huge fan of shot towers (except double shots) or drop towers under two hundred feet (not as thrilling) but will still ride then if I'm at the park and the line isn't more than fifteen or twenty minutes.

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Tower of Terror Florida and Tower of Terror DCA are tied for me. The florida ride was better, but the Cali drop cycle was more intense than any of the variations I got on Floridas, and I rode Florida's 5 to 6 times. I also love the ARM tower at the OC fair each year, its not very tall, but its much more intense than something like supreme scream as it literally feels like you are being launched down. Also, I've never ridden Dr.Doom because it had like a 15 minute express pass wait and like a 90 minute normal wait, but it looked pretty standard, doed it do anything special to justify such a long line?

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Supreme scream is great, especially when you get that little delay at the top and aren't sure when your going to drop. Woodstocks airmail is my kids favorite, seems tiny, but i've seen a lot of kids get off crying. Drop zone at adventure city is fun, because i can ride it with my kids, and its pretty intense for being so little.

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Hurakan Condor Port Aventura is without a doubt the best drop tower I have ever been on!


2nd place is Apocalypse


3rd place is Detonator


4th is Drop Tower (cannot remember the name) at Terra Mitica


5th is Tower of Terror at Disney Studios Florida


S&S Towers just don't cut it for me any more, not enough airtime!

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I have ridden:



Power Tower

Ice Blast



I missed the drop tower at Waldameer Looked good.


Xtremis is actually very good. I was shocked by something about 20ft high.


Det forces you downwards rather than just dropping. Its great for airtime.


Ice Blast has an awesome first shot, and... thats it.


Power Tower is awesome for the hight alone. But again, like Blast it dies after the first shot.


I think I'm going to vote on Power Tower out of these though.

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Drop zone at adventure city is fun, because i can ride it with my kids, and its pretty intense for being so little.


I didn't expect that to be much fun at all! (Just kind of a faint hope, which turned out to be true!) IMO it's almost as fun as a standard tower, just not as scary.

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Tower of Terror at Disney Studios Florida is likely my favorite attraction anywhere let alone favorite drop tower. I think it needs little explanation. As for my least favorite, I would have to say Acro at SFOG. It looks like it will hurt and it DOES hurt.

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My (limited) list:


1. Double Shot at Indiana Beach - my first S&S tower, and while not very tall, it is still intense, and the initial launch is still scary

2. Giant Drop

3. Hellevator/Superman: Tower of Power - my first drop tower


Sadly Six Flags St. Louis' Superman: Tower of Power has been closed the times I've visited. It's a small list, but drop towers still scare me, although I have fun when I ride them.

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As for me, I'd say . . .


1. The various Towers of Terror

2. Blue Fall (Sea Paradise, Japan)

3. Drop Tower (KD)

4. Mystery Tower (Phantasialand, Germany)

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