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Tearing down the Myrtle Beach Hurricane - Photos & Video

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I saw this from a link on Screamscape, and this made me bummed, especially the two videos at the bottom. I now this sounds pathetic, but i wish they would have done something more "humaine" for demolish it instead of ripping it apart


here is the site:




And to think, I had just ridden that for the first time only about 7 months ago.

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^No, they are two different beast.


The Hurricane in Myrtle Beach was an out and back with helixes at both ends. It was rough! The Dania Beach Hurricane is an out and back with great airtime and it's fairly smooth!

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Those videos are AWESOME!


Nothing better than watching a coaster that deserves to die get it's sentance! Still though, I'd rather have seen all of Family Kingdom get the chair and keep the Hurricane.


--Robb "I love seeing stuff like this!" Alvey

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I've always wanted to see a coaster set for removal used for a crash test!


Just remove a section of track or buckle it at a point where it'll shake the train loose, and then send it around for the final trip.


I mean, why not? It's going to come down anyway and it'll probably save time too if it takes out other supports when crashing

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Did the ride become "rough" because it was not looked after properly..? or was it just not built right.?


CCI also built megafobia and Torr de Zues and these have not become rough over the last 6 years.


I have heard Megafobia has had the top layer of it's track replaced in the last few years and that's it for maintance. It runs as smooth as the day it was born.

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2 or 3 years ago it was actually a decent ride except for the helixes.


The only real bad part I found each ride was the first helix. The second helix only sucked on 4-5 of my 9.05 rides on the coaster.


Oh and if this was on ThrillNetwork I would have to ban you for saying "helixes" the word is "helices"

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Anyone else think that had this ride not gotten the Gerstlauer trains it could have actually been a decent ride?


I do remember there being a goodly amount of airtime on it, but it was just rough as hell.


I personally thought the ride elements were WAY better than Swamp Fox, but it was nearly unrideable when I went on it. It actually shook the lipstick camera loose!


--Robb "Someday I'll get around to posting that POV!" Alvey

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