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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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Congratulations! I just happened to glance at the calendar and was completely caught by surprise. 03/03 too, well done (I'm 05/05!). Will make it easy for people to remember her birthday - indeed, for her to remember her own when she's old and crotchety and Grandma to KidTums 3.


Glad to hear she's happy and healthy & it's a good name you have chosen. Wishing her a long, happy and healthy life... all the best to all of you. Looking forward to meeting her in Spain. I'll definitely bring a few goodies for her.


Now I just need to work out how to smuggle both a baby kangaroo and baby koala out of the country... that way she can have Aussie animal foster brothers...


Can't wait to hear the story of how Robb almost missed the birth either.

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^^^ short version; dropped mike at work at noon (only had one little sign of labor happeing in the next week or two) had kristen less than 4 hours later. robb was with a bunch of our friends at legoland 3 hours away!

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Woohoo !!


Yay Kidtums is here. congratulations from the UK !!


I wish you both all the best with Kristen !


With Elisss's looks and Robbs passion she's gonna go far not to mention with the help from her extended family all across the globe !!


I'm over the moon for you both !!

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Congrats! She is beautiful!


Now you just need to get her to 42 and then 54 inches tall. Its a long wait but totally worth it!


Babies are the best! They never talk back or take over your computer! All that will come later.


Again, congratulations! When is Robb going to pass out cigars?

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