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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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I would like to echo all of the congratulations! It must have all passed by so quickly! 4 hours! Almost 5 weeks early! Yikes! It really is a blessing that she is doing so well!


She is beautiful and I wish you all the best. Take it easy in the next few weeks and accept all the help you can get!

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thanks for the kind words! it was a crazy delivery and robb almost missdd her birth. i will try and post more when i'm up to it.


btw she was just 35weeks 6 days but is perfectly healthy


Congratulations to the 3 of you!


It's weird because friday my son turned 9 months old, so you have been pregnant almost all of my son's life...


Don't worry too much about the fact that she was 35wks, 6days. My son was 36wks, 6days and the nurses said that he was healthier than most full term babies.


Now, get some sleep while you can, you have a lot of restless nights ahead.



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Congratulations Robb and Elissa!!! My wife and I are expecting our second child (a boy) in about one week!!! What a blessing for you both.


We'd love to see more pictures of KidTums when she gets home.




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She is such an angel. Congratulations on your new arrival. Elissa, from one mom to another, take every day as it comes and cherish every moment. Rob, better start stocking up on the baseball bats today. To both of you, she will try your patients and warm your hearts, she will grow fast and she will grow strong, but she will always love and need her mom and dad. God Bless, Aimee

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