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I Spy TPR'ers ...

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Hey guys,


I wanted to say hello, I saw Rob, Elissa, Dan, and some other TPR'ers today at Disneyland. When you were getting on Buzz Lightyear, I loaded you! Sorry I didn't get to say hello, it's kind of difficult to say anything other then, "Watch your step, have a stellar flight!"


Anyways, it was lovely seeing you ... Elissa you looked positively radiant!



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^You wish Ed! Oh wait, maybe you don't!


Anyway, Hi Daniel!


And yes, I was totally happy! It was a ride I could ride!!! Disney is friendly for me (although not so much when running through and park hopping between two parks with Coaster Enthusiasts!!!)


Probably see you again next month with KidTums!

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^ Seriously.


Now to add my share of stalking:

I've met R&E and anyone else who was at the European DVD Premiere/SFMM Meet in 2005. Also, I hang out with Antonio often. And I've managed to meet our good friend Soren. Woohoo, I'm a professional stalker! JK


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I saw Rob as he was leaving Knotts one time, he did not look happy.


Actually, I think leaving Knott's would probably make him happy.


Not necessarily, he could be in a bad mood because Knott's supplied a bad say for him.



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