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Guilty Pleasures


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Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies



I love those, I don't understand why you call it a "guilty pleasure"?


Moving on, I LOVE Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit and both sides of Dragon Challenge (finally getting used to the name), even though most enthusiast hate them. The restraints on Rockit are my fav restraints on any coaster, even though most people hate them. I also thought the ride had some nice g-forces and even a little airtime. The music made it even better, even though it would be cool if they updated the song choices.


I love both sides of Dragon Challenge, I thought both where nice and forceful, espicially the blue side. Most people like the red side better, but I thought the blue side was a bit more intense.

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Hershey Kisses with Almonds. Man those things are addicting.

I buy those as a Christmas gift, and every year I must either get them no earlier than Christmas Eve, or else buy two bags and have one all to myself. Even if I do get them on Christmas Eve it's safer to just buy two bags.

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The lyrics are clever, the beat is catchy, and he is talking about a serious beef between him (Lil' Wayne) and Birdman, which is very intense since Birdman used to be a father figure to Lil' Wayne ever since Wayne was 9 years old. And now they are trying to kill each other.


A lot of people hate this song and Lil' Wayne's newer music, but I think it is superb.



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^Bill, did you try these frites in Amsterdam?


Talk about a guilty pleasure...fries loaded with salt and mayonnaise themed to a pissing Belgian boy statue?


It should almost be illegal!


Best. Fries.Ever.


I would have never imagined mayo on fries would ever taste so effing good!


Would this fly in America?

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^ No....and probably not.


Wow, how did we ever miss those? I know how. We were so overwhelmed with Burger Bar

and the great service, fries, burgers, condiments.... it was hard to not try anything else.


So, we didn't, LOL! Maybe next visit, there.


This pretty much sealed the deal for us. (o;

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