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I like to suck Hot Tamales until they're clear. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this except that I have to take the candy out of my mouth in order to admire my work. (LOL, I said "I like to suck".)

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Phineas and Ferb on Disney. But to be fair, it was created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh who worked on Rocko's Modern Life, and Dan Povenmire actually wrote for Family Guy. Plus the theme song is by Bowling for Soup!







Oh and I usually hate reality TV, but I can't stop watching Jersey Shore...

All right... so I know someone who watches this show, then I read about this in this thread about how it was quite a few peoples "guilty pleasure." So I watched an episode... and now I totally love this show. I literally tivo Phineas and Ferb, and as soon as I finish reading some threads here I will watch it on netflix. I call it my "insomnia pleasure" as it is one of those shows where I can marathon when I cant sleep. I mean... I cant remember the last good Disney cartoon show... in fact, this may be the first one that caught my attention since the awesome disney shows of the 90s.


That's guilty pleasure #2. I am somewhat obsessed with 90s cartoons. I still tivo recess as its on at like 3am on toon disney, I watch old nick shows like Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, and Rocket Power online, and I still watch all the awesome old disney shows.

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Probably playing the pokemon video games to this day. A couple of guys in my school all play the games during school, it gets pretty fun. A couple years ago we had half our school linked up on DS's during class over the schools wifi, 200+ kids

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^ I believe the technical term for that is actually just "noise." I don't think there's any music involved.



For me, okay, I'll admit it......Katy Perry. Hi, Tyler.


You are right. It is music for when I am in a bad mood - it just makes me laugh


and btw I LOVE Katy Perry hehe

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^ In March? Hmmmm.......


Anyways, my guilty pleasure is driving the speed limit, and then when a person tries to go around me, I speed up. OR, if they succeed in going in front of me, I stick my tongue out and make funny faces But in truth, I do attempt to drive the speed limit always. Sometimes I just need a moment of catharsis when I just, for the heck of it, annoy the person who tries to go around me

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^Thrift Store shopping is awesome. Love vintage clothing.


Guilty pleasure of mine would probably be SuperJail. That cartoon makes Itchy & Scratchy look tame.

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The Walt Disney company is another of mine... I LOVE everything about it. I especially love Walt Disney World. A goal I have is to visit all Disney parks world wide. I also try to catch all Disney movies at the movies.

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