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Guilty Pleasures


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Okay, this is just plain dumb. I've discovered that I like the taste of...plain baking soda. Like, I enjoy licking it off my fingertips. This actually kind of made sense when I realized that it's a form of sodium (I love salt), but still. WHY???

At least I don't eat it by the spoonful!

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Initially I found getting back into yo-yo as a guilty pleasure as not that many people seem to do it these days. Now that I've gotten back into the loop with it (no pun intended), I'd say that now my guilty pleasure is purchasing a yo-yo each time I come across a new 'throw' (us yo-yoers call yo-yos 'throws') that I want to try out. I now have a fishing tackle box full of yo-yos of different kinds, or different colors of the same kind. Well, I need something to do during the offseason plus it gives me something to do if I'm out somewhere and am bored...just carry a yo-yo along for the ride.

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ADD things. That sounds weird, but I have ADD like crazy, so I love something in my hand. I have a slinky in my car, I received a finger drum kit for Christmas(where your fingers are drum sticks) and I got a magnet wheel type thing, where the magnet roles up and down the wheel. It sounds weird though, because I always need for my hands to be distracted, so much so that I will literally take objects, such as tightening strings on a sweatshirt, and fiddle with them in my hands without really realizing it.


Also Ska is not really a guilty pleasure, but kind of a (relatively) new found obsession. A year or so ago I was a self proclaimed metal head, and although I will always love metal(stay SIC MAGGOTS!) I am really loving ska. I can actually mosh at a show without worrying that I will be killed by a huge guy with tattoos that is running at people and knocking them down with his elbows. The music is also much "easier" to listen to, because although I love metal, too much of it can be overwhelming, and because there are so many sub genres of metal there is a lot of it I don't like, such as pure screamo. For now ska is just my thing, a little more so than metal, although I will (hopefully) be seeing the System of a Down tour if/when US dates are announced!

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I still have my old game systems, so I often find myself playing Contra, Super Mario Brothers 3, and Castlevania on my NES, and Banjo-Tooie and Ocarina of Time on N64.


To be honest, a lot of the older games are better than a lot of the games being released on modern systems.

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