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Do you like Rockin' Both Parks at Disneyland?

Do you like Rockin' Both Parks?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Rockin' Both Parks?

    • Yes!
    • Only Rockin' Space Mountain
    • Only Rockin' California Screamin'
    • I find neither of them enjoyable.

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There have been a lot of mixed reviews for Rockin' Space Mountain and Rockin' California Screamin at the Disneyland Resort in California. I wanted to start a little discussion thing for everyone. So, this is where you can put your two cents into the whole thing.


In case for anyone who doesn't know:

-Rockin' Both Park is a promitional idea for the Disneyland Resort in California that has been running from January 3, 2007 and it will end April 27, 2007. Space Mountain and California Screamin' have been given temporary soundtracks courtesy of the "Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Space Mountain also recieved a new light show inside its white spired mountain that illuminates the track and its supports, all sychronized to the song "Higher Ground". I give it a 7/10.

For California Screamin', even though the only new thing they added was a soundtrack, the fact that the music is now fully functional (but still sratched up) is a good idea to me! I give it a 8.5/10


What do you think?

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My school's CSF club went and took about 150 students and every one of them that I talked to said they hated the ride. With the lights turned on, they said it was slow and uneventful and the music was just kinda boring. I won't get the chance to ride it for myself... fortunately

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Now...I don't see what's wrong with RSM and RCS. They're both pretty fun to me.




After the Aladdin show, we…well; my sister and I headed for Paradise Pier for……Rockin’ California Screamin’! This is a big deal for me because this was not only my first ride on RCS; this is going to be my first launching coaster and my first coaster with a loop (I’m a wuss compared to everyone else on TPR) !


To stretch Jahan's point that the music from RCS is so freakin’ loud, when my sister and I were crossing by the Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant, we can hear the music from the train going down from the lift hill.


My heart was racing since I never been on a looping coaster before. To prevent me from chickening out, my sister forced my head down to the ground so that I couldn’t “see what scares me.”


The line was only about 5 minutes long, but it was moving pretty slow since there was only one station running. The music on RCS was so loud that it the whole station was vibrating to the loud beat coming from the train coming into the station! “Whoa,” my sister said. “I’m excited to ride!” (She’s a big RHCP fan).


Finally, we were sent to front row of the very last car. My heart was ready to explode from rapid heartbeats. Our orange coaster train was ready for us. The safety gates opened. I was so nervous that I had a hard time pulling down the restraints. Then………the brakes were released and the train moved forward. As the Ghost Host on the Haunted Mansion says, “There is no turning back now!”


We hit the station switch. The new “rocking” music then came on. Right when it came on, my seat was vibrating (a nice feature). It first played some weird banjo music, then classical music, next was music that can be heard from some old Disney cartoon. “Get ready screamers! Head back face forward and hang on!” When the train stopped on the brake, it finally played rock ‘n’ roll music. My little brother and my mother were watching us from the pier. My mom got a picture of me praying to God that I survive the ride (I'll try to upload it). My sister continuously advised me to keep my head back in the seat.


“Launching in 5…4…3…2…1!”


The train launched up the first hill! That was the best feeling I ever had! I loved the G-forces coming from the loop and the launch! The turns were so smooth, the airtime was great , and the music was very good! My little sister wanted to know the lyrics to the song! She loved it too! She wishes that Disney will keep this music!


Now…here are my pros and cons for RCS:


-Still the same coaster from before. That’s not a problem, since I never rode the old CS before. Many people complain that Disney didn’t do much to the coaster. Well…what do you expect? California Screamin’ isn’t in the dark or anything! All they can do is fix the speakers and change the music.

-For once, the damn speakers work! It’s still a little bit scratchy, yes, but scratchy music is better than no music. It was pretty clear halfway through the ride.

-Other then the music, the ride was left alone. All of the turns and hills are the same. Launch is the same.

-If the music has enough boom to it, you can get a free massage while on the coaster .


-The music was clear from the start, but after the loop, it was a little static-like. We loved the beat at the end of the ride, but it was so much boom, that Disney’s going to blow the speakers like that! What’s weird is that…the music was clear when the ride was starting. They sounded blown out at the end, but when it launched for the next group of people, it was clear again! Interesting.



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At around 7 at night, we decided to take a ride on Rockin' Space Mountain. Since I loved RCS, I thought Space Mountain wouldn't be so bad. The line for Space Mountain was 15 minutes! A new record! But the line felt like 30 minutes. We then emerged into the inside queue line, which remain unchanged! Kind of disappointing.

The space station also remained unchanged. I didn't get to see the new video screen images due to how fast the line was moving. When I got close to boarding, I could kind of hear "...rocked the universe" part coming from the rockets returning.

Oh yeah, speak of the devil, one rocket train coming into the station was full of haters. They were booing and cursing. They said stuff like, "Bring back the other Space Mountain."

"You killers!"

"That sucked!"

Another rocket train, however, loved it. The kids were even smiling!

Anyway, we boarded the rocket and we moved forwards into the seatbelt check.

The first lift was changed to have blue wall lights instead of red. The strobe tunnel was the only thing that was disappointing. They didn't change it at all! The second lift hill I thought would be brighter. It still was very dark. Then, we enter the main ride. At first, i thought it was still dark. When we turned around, it was bright as hell. We could see the ceiling (I always wondered why the mountain was bigger on the inside than it is on the outside). The track and supports were lit up. It was pretty cool, believe it or not.


-I always wanted to ride Space Mountain with the lights on. So, RSM is probably as close as I can get to doing that.

-It's always fun seeing the other rockets zoom by you and below you.

-The music was pretty cool.

-Shorter lines!

-Cool, collectible on-ride photos


-Some lift effects are disappointing.

-Station and re-entry remains unchanged.

-Not as good as the regular Space Mountain.



Sister: "It was awesome! RHCP knows how to use an electric guitar!"

Mother: "It's okay. But the other Space Mountain was much better."

Brother: "That sucked @$$!" (Then again, he hates the other Space Mountain too. Bad childhood expierence).

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IMHO I think the whole "Rockin" thing is a POS gimick to entice people back to the parks for another visit. Both rides are fine as is. I don't think people are making extra trips to the DLR just to try out these vastly changed rides.


Guy "Vastly being sarcasm." Koepp

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They are both crap.


Seriously, it actually bums me out to have to ride them again on Friday.


Screamin' was just terrible. The music was actually so loud and obnoxious, it was hard to enjoy the ride.


Space Mountain - well, all I can say is that if there was a "Non-launched" version of Rock N Roller Coaster, this would be it. I swear they just move the effects from Paris' Rock N Roller Coaster over to this one.


It's not that it was really that "bad", but it's NOT Space Mountain. But I wanted to ride Space Mountain, not RnR, so I just really couldn't enjoy it.



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They are both crap.


Seriously, it actually bums me out to have to ride them again on Friday.


Screamin' was just terrible. The music was actually so loud and obnoxious, it was hard to enjoy the ride.


Space Mountain - well, all I can say is that if there was a "Non-launched" version of Rock N Roller Coaster, this would be it. I swear they just move the effects from Paris' Rock N Roller Coaster over to this one.


It's not that it was really that "bad", but it's NOT Space Mountain. But I wanted to ride Space Mountain, not RnR, so I just really couldn't enjoy it.




So...we're not going to get any POV's of those rides anytime soon, then?

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I take dumps more creative than these overlays.


Quote Of The Week.


I totally expect to hate both of these things when I experience them soon. And the word "rockin" should not be associated with the RHCP any more than it should be associated with Dick Clark...



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What use would a POV be on CA Screamin? Its the same exact ride, the music doesn't magically add a second loop or something. I'm sure that if you had to, you could overlay the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the original CA Screamin POV and you'd get the same result.



I hate RSM and cannot wait for its death. I sort of like RCS but they completely ruined the idea by blasting the music so the rest of the park can join the experience. I sure hope they replace the speakers when the overlay is removed.

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We went to Disneyland back in January. Although I didn't see the value of adding the music, I didn't mind it so much. I'm a little disappointed though because I had never been to Disneyland before that trip. So, I have no idea what those rides are like without the music.


Adding music to rides isn't a bad idea, but the problem is people's varying tastes in music. I'm not big on the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think the music definitely decreases the re-ride value, because eventually the song becomes annoying.

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^^To accurately re-create Rockin' California Screamin, follow these steps:


1. Take POV of Screamin'

2. Take the RHCP song.

3. Edit the RCHP song to match the music changes on the original soundtrack. Be sure to pay no attention to adding fades or anything that would make it a smooth transition. Just cut up the song and that's it.

4. Crank the levels all the way up so it's sure to be obnoxiously loud.


That's all there is to it. And I'm sure a WDI guy probably spent 10 minutes in ProTools doing just that to create this new soundtrack.

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Okay, I just got my Disneyland Backstage Pass in the mail (that's the magazine we Annual Passholders get). They were talking about the Year of a Million Dreams and the Rockin' Both Parks thing. Take a look:


Taken from "Disneyland Backstage Pass":




Space Mountain and California Screamin' are rockin' to a new music track!


If you think Space Mountain and California Screamin' are intense, wait until you meet their rock 'n' roller alter egos--Rockin' Space Mountain and Rockin' California Screamin'. These two awesome coasters now rise, drop, twist and turn in time to all-new soundtracks!


But where did this great idea come from? From the creative bunch of Walt Disney Imagineering, of course! According to Imagineer and Show Producer Chrissie Allen: "We're always looking for new ways to entertain our guests. This was a fun way to try out a limited-time-only overlay on two of our most popular, while giving our Guests a new experience to enjoy."


Space Mountain has been one of Disneyland Park's most popular attractions since it opened in 1977. And, now, with this new twist, riders will be dazzled by exciting new special effects as they rock and roll. "Guests will notice the addition of almost 300 lights--'rock 'n' roll' lighting'-as well as dynamic, moving images on the ceiling of the attraction itself," said Chrissie. "In effect, it will be as if our Guests are riding in a music video."


But the rockin' doesn't stop there. Over at Disney's California Adventure Park, the world's longest steel looping roller coaster will be speeding along its own rockin' tune. imagine the sensation of rocketing from 0 to 55 m.p.h. as that first blast of guitars fills your ears.


So, if you're ready for a little more rock with your roll, come check out Rockin' Space Mountain and Rockin' California Scremain'. But you'd better hurry, because we'll only be Rockin' Both Parks until April 26- and you don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind rock 'n' roll adventure! Find out more at disneyland.com/rockin.


---spacemtfan, who still likes Rockin' Space Mountain!

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