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Martial Arts.

Fallen Heretic

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Im just curious about this.


A couple of weeks ago I took up Kamon Wing Chun. Two classes a week. I am really enjoying it. Its the first martial art Ive ever studied. I took it up for the same reasons as many do. I wanted to get fitter and learn to defend myself. It got me thinking.


Are there any other folks here who study any kind of martial arts? If so, what ones? Why did you take it up and what do you feel you get out of it?

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I have a black belt in American Kempo. Just a first degree. I didn't feel the need to spend a crap load more money for 9 more degrees of a black belt.

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I studies Aikido briefly about ten years ago while I was living in Japan, but I never took it back up when I returned to the states for a lack of studios in my area. Nowadays I study Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts dance (also known as The Dance of War).

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^ My freind does Aikido. He showed us a few times, and i think its mainly just sort of Blocking rather than attacking.



I did Tae-Kwon-Do for a term, and i learnt enough for mme to get a yellow belt/beat up an attacker, which was what the course was made for.

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