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Do We Have Any Bowlers in the Crowd?


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Just wondering if we have any bowlers at TPR? Seeing as how I just finished a tournament, I figured it best to discuss my favorite sport with others.


Right now I bowl a Brunswick Zone Lilburn, and average a 203. My primary ball is a Brunswick Radical Inferno which was given to me by a coach about a month ago. It's back up (which gets a lot of playin' time due to its less intense nature) is the Icon 2 by Columbia 300. My spare ball is a Brunswick Indianapolis Colts Viz-A-Ball (which I owned long before they won the Super Bowl).


High Game (Icon 2): 286

High Game (Radical Inferno): 279

High Series: 758

High Series on Wooden Lans: 710


I haven't really done anything out of the Oddities category. I've seen the 7-10, Big 4, and Greek Church picked up, but have never done any of those myself.


And I'll close with the top 10 funny things that I've done or seen:


10) SEEN the 1-2-3-7-8-9 left

9) I picked the 8-10 out of a 2-8-10

8 ) SEEN the head pin picked off of a full rack of pins.

7) Gotten a ball to roll in an S-shaped curve.

6) Once I left the 2-3-7-10

5) Left the 4-7-9-10

4) SEEN a 294 game.

3) SEEN a 001 series. (yes, he bowled all 30 frames)

2) SEEN the 4-6 picked out of a 4-6-7

1) SEEN the 7-10 picked out of a Big 4.


Please, share your stories.

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I love to bowl as well; I helped organize a birthday bowling party for my friend that has cancer three weeks ago. I was out of practice bowling and had to try to relearn my positioning. I had a blast anyway especially beating this guy that bragging all night with a much heavier ball... he had a 10 lbs ball and i was throwing a 16.


I think we will do more bowling (maybe getting my own ball) to get our friends together.

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Sadly I cannot live up to the standards my brother has posted up top, but I did beat him yesterday 266-235. Anyway, my arsenal is as follows:


Reaction Rev By Columbia 300

Formula By Columbia 300

Blue Dot By Columbia 300


I have a Columbia 300 Icon in pretty good shape, but it's way too strong for what I need. I might pick it up if I were on a sport pattern or something. That thing can hook a lane.


And speaking of hooking a lane, I once tried to in 2006, and succeeded. Being a lefty, I stood as far right as I could with my Formula, and threw it out to the 1-board With as many rev's as I could put on it, I succeeded, with the ball hooking into the right channel just before impating the 10-pin.


My highest game is 266, shot once with a Columbia 300 Icon, and once with the Reaction Rev.


I've shot a 697 outside of league, but the best I've managed to post in sanctioned competition was only 667

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I'm pretty sure our resident old man Jeff J. is a bowler!


Yeah, twist my arm.


I'm still holding onto a 193 average, but I'm taking the summer season off due to the TPR trips. (And the fact that I haven't taken a season off in about 7 years!)


My best season was 3 years ago when I finished with a 216 avg which included a 3 week stretch with series of: 754, 716 and a 748. I never broke 700 before or since. (Though I have about 6 series in the 690's)


Back then I was using a Brunswick Purple Zone (16lb.), with a high polish.


Currently, I am using two Hammer Big Rig Diesels. One 14lb. and one 16lb. Both are sanded. I use the 16 for light-to-no oil, thrown on the outside, about the 4 or 5 board. Basically, straight up and in.


I can put quite a bit more revs up on the 14 pounder, so I use it in heavy, sporadic, or stretched oil patterns. Generally dropped about 17-15 to hit somewhere between the 5 and 10 boards (depending on conditions).


My favorite ball ever though was a Crush/R. I cracked it when I dropped it. Never found one to replace it that I ever felt as comfortable with.


My high league game is a 288. (Spare, 10 strikes, 8 count.)


(In a no-tap league ((for fun)) I bowled 9 300's, one of which was legit, but being non-sanctioned, who cares!)


I have picked up a big 4 (4-6-7-10), and have the patch and paperwork to prove it.


Now, while I've never seen a 294 game (for those of you that don't know, that's DAMN hard to do!!) I have not only seen a 5-7-10 split (at least 3 times I can remember) I have seen it picked up!!

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I have no idea what any of your are saying.


I'm only a casual bowler. I might go out with friends once every other month.


I actually played friday night. Though it was 5-pin, which I hate. 5-pin is pretty much a Canadian version designed for women and children who can't hold a 10 pin bowling ball.

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I bowl varsity for my high school, and I've been bowling since I was 4 or 5. Albeit, I only started taking it seriously a year ago, before that it was recreational. I only carry about a 165, and if it's not for school I rarely get time to get out to the lanes. High game is only 244, and I've only topped 600 (606 I think) once. I wish I had more time, since it's a great sport.

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I wish high school bowling would catch on down here in the South. They have tried over and over in my area, but not all the schools could field a good roster. Not to mention, one of the rules was that your school had to have a girl on the team. Unfortunatly, no girls bowl at my school.


So do you guys have Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams at your schools?

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I'm the most inconsistent bowler ever, though I just bowl for fun every once in a while. I like to brag that my high is a 224, but that's mainly because I managed to bowl five strikes in a row. Haven't really come close to that score since. I'm usually between 100-150.

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Great topic!


Current equip: (most of which is over 8 yrs old)

Brunswick Purple Rhino Pro

Ebonite Turbo Xl (Bowled my first 300 with it on 11/19/1999)

Columbia Blue dot (the rock) great for dry lanes and summer leagues.

Columbia White Dot.

Columbia Yellow Dot, one of the first bleeders (first gen reactive???)


I haven't bowled leagues in about 3 yrs. Got burned out from bowling 3-4 leagues a week for several years. High 3-game was 755 with the PR Pro.

300 was with the Turbo Xl (while having the worst four-game mixed couples classic league day of my life.) didn't even break 700...


Do you eat the alley food? In the last twenty years, i've gotten food poisoning twice. Sure, it might make ya sick, but it does taste good.


i saw someone make a 5-7-10 with an 8lb ball and mega crank on it.

It was funny to watch.

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Here is my current arsenal... if you want to call it that.


Track Thrash (3 yrs old resurfaced once)

Track Phenom Unleashed 3.0 (1yr old)


Highest game 286

Highest series 719 (286 not in that series)


I have an 11 in a row plaque for throwing a split in the first frame and then punching out. I also have about 9 279 which is basically screwing up one frame and picking up the spare.


A friend of mine and me bowled in a tournament here 2 years ago and ended up winning the doubles part. We split a grand which was awesome.


The food at my home bowling alley is freaking good. They have the best pizza.

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