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RCT2 | Cedar Flags Drayton Park

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So here it is! Eftel Towers 2!

This is not the real name, that will be kept secret until it's ready.

I have two screens here for you, those will not tell you which three parks will be mixed here.

Eftel Towers will be bigger than the first, it will even contain some McDonalds!


The entrance



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Well, if this is anything like the last one, I can't wait! I just hope it has that long out and back woodie I'm hoping for....


Good luck, can't wait to see it.

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Eftel Towers was a nice name for a park, but Cedar Flags Drayton Park is totally crazy!

Cedar Flags Drayton Park is a combination of the well-known Cedar Point, the big coasterheaven Six Flags Magic Mountain and the much smaller Drayton Manor, near Alton Towers in the UK.


I haven't been in any of these parks, so copying the atmosphere will be difficult.



Shockwave - the shocking new stand-up thrillride at Cedar Flags.





The real Shockwave at Drayton Manor also has threethousand color scheme's.


The rebuild Entrance, seen from the inner side. I don't like the square, does anyone have some suggestions?


A deadlysimple toiletbuilding. No theming or anything like that. Just for shitting.


A Zamperla Disk-O Coaster!

Don't say anything about the white fence, I know it's ugly.


A small teaser:

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Excalibur - A Dragon's Tale


The idea of this ride comes from Drayton Manor, where a boatride with the same name houses.

The ride is a Logflume with a lot of watereffects, like a cannon fireing on you! Luckily it misses...

On the end waits a big drop!


Let's start with the station:


The Entrance

The part before the drop


The middle of the castle, with the battletower and the churchtower


Three-in-one screen, with a overview of everything of this park which came online, again a preview of Wicked Twister, and an extra screen of Excalibur:



In my last update, I showed a McDonalds, well this is the final version:


All comments are welcome!

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