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Geboldi - The Final Update

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As some of you might know, Geboldi, my RCT3 park chain, has been a little worn-out and is concluding with Geboldi: Earth. Here's a recap of the past five years.


In 2002, I was just messin' around and created a park named Geboldi Gardens.


It wasn't much, but I added a ton of coasters. I think the final total was 30 or maybe even 40.


I didn't have much experience in the game.


I went on to build parks like Geboldi Europe.


Geboldi Wild Safari launched the chain onto the map.


The skill-level gradually increased to surpass the previous parks.


It had potential.


World Port brogught the chain back up after some time off from Geboldi Studios


Geboldi Lake saw the return of Razu


Geboldi Swahilli Village saw a relaunch of the B&M hyper for the chain. Geboldi had been without one since Wild Safari had removed their's.


Geboldi German Gardens was considered the best-landscaped of the chain.


It held a top spot for some time.


Geboldi America proved Geboldi could work with small spaces.


But World Port held the spot for the all-time favorite.


Here was one of the park's trademark shots.


California Studios showcased some of the chains most technilogically-advanced rides.


Including the world's first robo-coaster


Geboldi Ozarks Resort was also a hit with the fans.


That is until Geboldi sold it...


The chain was nearly unstoppable.


It was becoming a leader in the industry


The chain made an unexpected announcement while their flagship park complex, Geboldi Earth, was under construction.


Geboldi Earth Final Park for Geboldi Chain


MEMPHIS - Geboldi Parks announced today they will be discontinuing their park chain after their mega-park, "Geboldi Earth" is complete. The parks will continue to operate, though it is uncertain whether or not the Geboldi name will be kept or not.


"We've had a great run with the chain," said CEO Dan Geboldi, "but it's time we lay off the amusement industry and let some new ideas come into the market. It's been my pleasure to serve all of these people over these past decades."


After the announcement, rumors circulated that some parks, (Geboldi Island, Geboldi Lake, and both Geboldi Studios) would close.


"At this point, it is a possibility," Geboldi stated, "we know for sure Geboldi World Port, Geboldi Earth, Geboldi German Gardens, Geboldi Europe, Geboldi Wild Safari, and Geboldi America will remain open."


The chain has begun to nosedive financially lately with some parks losing money. The chain hopes to sell off some parks, or break off and start a new chain. Geboldi said that new parks will not be opening.


"I'm not sure if Geboldi itself will stay or go, it's up to whether buyers are open to the idea."


However, Geboldi states will continue construction and that possibly, Geboldi will stay and only operate that park.


"Our parks are all on high-value property, we will do everything in our power to keep them open but in the end, it will be up to the buyers."


All parks (at this time) are expected to open for the 2007 season.


For some, it was time for a conclusion.


They wanted to go out with a bang, rather than a slow death.


The chain had a good run, and I thank everybody that commented and offered feedback. I look forward to everybody seeing what I will do next.


Hopefully it will reflect Geboldi's quality.




Geboldi Earth

_Adventure Sector



_World Fair

Geboldi German Gardens

Geboldi World Port

Geboldi Lake

Geboldi California Studios

Geboldi Florida Studios

Geboldi Wild Safari

Geboldi Ozarks Resort

Geboldi Europe

Geboldi America

Geboldi Oceanfront Resort

Geboldi Gardens Amusement Park

Geboldi Swahilli Village

Geboldi Gardens

Geboldi Oasis Waterpark

Geboldi Island



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Excellent Job with the parks and the updates. Geboldi Lake is a really great park, it has so much potential that I don't know where to start! The design of your coasters and your scenery use was great. What are you future plans as of new parks?

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I think that John has done what so many have failed to do: create coasters that flow. Anyone can make a coaster in RCT. Most can make rideable ones. Many can make rideable ones that are aesthetically pleasing. Some can make realistic coasters. Few can make a competent park. But the rarest category of all is the ability to completely understand how to combine everything into an entire chain of parks. John falls in this category. Farewell Geboldi, and let's hope that the next project John embarks on will be even better!

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