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Photo TR: Plopsa Indoor and Toverland


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Nice trip report, Plopsa Indoor looks beautiful! I'm thinking of going there this week (it's the only Belgian park I haven't visited yet), is there anything interesting except for the kiddie credit?
The "Vuurtoren" (in English it's "The Lighthouse") is a not so big Zierer 'Family Freefall Tower', but it's a attraction where everybody has much fun on! The tower has some nice drops!


"De Piratenbaan", the only coaster in this park, is also very cool. It's a normal Zierer 'Force Two' coaster, but the effect of the stars and figures of Piet Piraat is very cool!


You've got also "De Woeste Zee" ("The Wild Sea"), but this isn't such fun as the Vuurtoren or the Piratenbaan.


By the way: this week the park is in a little carnival-theme (as you see on the pictures). There is a special "Bumba" (a clown) show and normally there falls out 'confetti' out of the roof on the entrance area.

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Wow, that actually looks kinda...lame? I drive by it all the time when I go to Kinepolis and I was wondering what it was, but it just seems too kiddy for my tastes. I'd be more up for going to Walibi or Bobbjeland. Thanks for posting the pics, Wishmaster, you saved me a trip (and euro!). It looks nice and all but not my cup of tea.



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