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What kind of phone do you have?


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I was wondering of all the people on TPR, how many of you acutally have an iPhone? If you have one do you like it? If you do not have one do you want one?


I must say... I have had mine for like a month now and I HATE IT!! Ok.... Most of the time I hate it, but there are sometimes when I do love it!!


But thats just me! What about you guys?


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ive had mine for a month and i love it. there are sometimes when you get frustrated with it but the pros out way the cons. I was considering a laptop for my commute in the morning on the train and i thouht why not just get the phone, it can do everything i would do on a laptop , and it fits in my pocket! if you are conidering one, play with it first, its not quick to use like a flip phone, theres alot more to the functions. it taks time to get used to.

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I used to have a yellow Razr but my little brothers were wrestling and stepped on the screen. So I bought a Sidekick iD which I had for a while, but then I just wanted to get off T-Mobile so I bought a "temporary" Cricket....Looking to purchase the Razr 2.


Cricket UTStarcom CDM7026

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