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What kind of phone do you have?

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I have the LG VX9400, and love it. I got it about a month ago and I have to say, it's a great phone. The battery is great, the screen is pretty big for the size, and the pictures/videos are pretty clear for a camera phone. There isn't day it is seperated from me. :]


Yay! :]

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motorola v325i, my old phone, a motorola v276 was having battery charger issues and I upgraded to this. Isn't the nicest phone, but I have dropped it a few times and still works like a charm. Also has bluetooth.


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I have a Samsung D600, happy enough with it at the moment. Has lasted longer than the Sony and Nokia I had before.


Good camera, slide action and plenty of storage space, but can't change the ringtones or sms tones.

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I have a Motorola W375, They didn't have any left in pink though



Also the person having troubles changing the ringtone on the Samsung slider phone, When you are in the tone menu, hover over what tone you want to change and press the little silver button in the middle of the 4 arrows, this is how I changed my ringtone on my old samsung phone. It may or may not work on yours but it's worth a try

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Well, this is my phone, Sony Ericsson k810i. Works great so far. The 3.2mp camera is actually better than my 5mp digitalcamera. And it has Windows Live Messanger wich is like, wooooh for me.


Ze phone.

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