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What kind of phone do you have?

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Recently upgraded from an old and somewhat busted iPhone 6 to a used 6s+, because I refuse to give up my headphone jack.

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Spouse upgraded me recently from Iphone 6 to Iphone8.


and for Xmas bought me the battery back up. I love it, and not just because the selfie camera (and forwards camera) are so much better quality than the one on the 6.

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^ Sometimes people with cell phones, such as me, wishes that life were still that simple for them.


Also I have an LG G6 with a crack in it that looks like a bullet hole, so I've been looking at a new Samsung for a while.


Sorry for a low quality photo, but you can see where the break is.

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Finally switched from an iphone 7 to a samsung galaxy note 9. I switched because i like how open android is compared to ios, the larger screen, an actual headphone jack,and a really great camera that can take full screen photos


here are some photos taken earlier



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Samsung m21. Decent phone for his price (around 200$), 6000mah battery,energy beast Full HD display,4/64, thats all I needed.

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I've got a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. It was... somewhere under $150 at Walmart. I used it with Straight Talk as my service; and based on where we live, my ST is tied to the AT&T towers and it's great. We live out in the middle of nowhere, but we get perfection signal, whereas my sister's Verizon phone sometimes just stops getting a signal altogether when she's here.

The phone has crazy good battery life, although I imagine I don't use mine as much as most other people. Everyone knows not to call me, just text, and I'm living in the middle of nowhere, so I'm usually just on my computer, so not really using my phone except at night to play games until I fall asleep. I can get an average of 3 days on one charge for this phone.

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