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What kind of phone do you have?


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Made the upgrade to a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus a while back, and I'm loving it. However the "edge" feature is pretty much useless to me, and there have been several times that the edge screen is just annoying. But other than that the phone sure is pretty!!

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Just got myself a Samsung Galaxy A8 about two months ago (for those of you unfamiliar, think of the Galaxy S9 but without the Edge display). 64 gig model in black. I love it, my last phone was an S6 and I haven't looked back since. Camera is amazing for a midrange phone, the face recognition unlock is pretty nifty, and HOLY CRAP the Infinity display.


P.S. Dear anyone on here that bought an iPhone X... just know that I don't think any less of you, but you are a very stupid person.

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A Google Pixel (the original one). It has been fantastic. I love the superior battery life after seeing my old iPhone fail to consistently make it through a day.


I'd take a photo, but that would require me to either take a selfie or whip out my digital camera. I'll let you see what it looks like on Google.

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HP Elite X3


I'm the oddball who isn't on either Team Android or iOS. Hopefully Windows gets their shit together (marketing-wise) and this isn't the last Windows Phone ever. If it is, well, they finally got it right. Once the price goes down a bit, I'll grab another to have as backup with the intention of staving off the inevitable decision between iOS or Android that I'll have to make. There really need to be more than two legit players in this game.

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Personal phone: iPhone 5S 32 GB

Work phone: Samsung Galaxy J7


I bought the iPhone in 2014; it was on sale, since the iPhone 6 was about to be released. I replaced the battery in late 2016 after it began having difficulty holding a charge. It's reaching that point again, but since I'm planning on upgrading once Apple stops supporting the 5S, I'm not sure if it's worth replacing the battery again.

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