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What kind of phone do you have?


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After having the iPhone 3g for a few months, and the iPhone 3GS for even less, I'm now using a Samsung Galaxy S phone (Captivate on AT&T) rooted to run stock Android 2.2. I freaking love it so so far.


And after having that for about four months, I now have a Motorola Attrix.

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Just got this today, and I'm in love (Motorola Triumph)



Sex on a waffle on a stick on a stick...

So happy now that I finally have an Android phone without Blur (or whatever their calling it now ). Used to have a Motorola Charm(not the pink one though):



Evil, Evil, Evil Phone...

I finally broke my contract after almost killing myself from using that horrible phone.

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I have an LG Optimus (running Android). It's my favorite phone out of the three I've had.



Current. Very easy to use thanks to actual buttons for certain functions.



Recent. Easy to use, inevitable to lose on SFNE's Batman! I kept cursing my karma for insulting the phone, but I can't say it wasn't true. It malfunctioned frequently, and had the worst battery life of any phone I've ever heard of.



Not sure if this is the one but it's close enough.

Old. Piece of c*** hand-me-down phone; at first I though someone had carelessly dropped their phone in my stocking. I almost wished it were true after a few days.

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I just upgraded my myTouch 3g Slide

To an HTC HD2.

I got it off Craigslist for a great price. It may be an older phone, but it has the same specs as all the newer phones (Thunderbolt, EVO 4g, iPhone 4 and probably even the iPhone 5, Galaxy S I etc.) This phone was truly ahead of it's time and while it may run windows mobile 6.5, it's really easy to put Android or even WP7 on it (I'm working on getting Android on it now). So far I think it's great and I love having the huge screen.

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So...the Apple iPhone 4S is getting ready to launch next week - anyone going to get it?


I personally am going to buy the regular iPhone 4 on the 14th or a few days later since it will be getting a price drop to $99 on new contract (I've been waiting to upgrade from my ancient LG enV Touch).

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I think the iPhone 4s was a bit of a letdown. However I will still be buying it to upgrade my crappy HTC desire. I have had enough with the problems on it.


On a side note there is basically a trend going on in high schools in Canada. Literally EVERYONE has a Blackberry. ok WTF? Blackberrys are meant for businesses and isn't RIM going out of business in about 5 years? The phones are really glitchy as well. I am the only person in my high school of about 300 kids that has an Android! They are all looking at me like I am from space wanting to buy an iPhone. (end rant)

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There are lots of complaints all over the place about how the iPhone 4S doesn't have a gigantic screen and blah, blah, blah, but one of the things I like about the iPhone 4/4S is that it is relatively small.

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