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What is your favorite place to vacation?


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I love Atlantis on Paradise islands in the Bahamas. There are water slides, like the Leap of Faith and Dragon's Tail, restaraunts, viewing areas for the fish (there is actually an aqaurium like thing in one of the restaraunts), dance clubs, and of course the ocean. It's a really beautifull place. I usually hang out at the water slides and the restaraunts.


Overview of the Temple waterslide complex


Racing Slides


The Dragons Tail


The Leap of Faith




The Atlantis Resort

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Anywhere in Florida- Just like to relax, hang out on the beach, go to parks, and just enjoy the nice weather. Florida is like a second home to me.


Myrtle Beach, SC- Same as above. Hang out on the beach, enjoy the food, go to the outdoor mall type places like Broadway on the Beach and Barefoot Landing, and just enjoy the weather.


Virginia Beach, Va- Again, enjoy the beach, boogie board, stroll along the boardwalk, go to the unique shops and just relax.

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While I love Florida, my favorite place to go on vacation is Lake George, New York. There's so much to do there. You can go mini golfing, horseback riding, water park, Great Escape theme park, or you can stroll the villiage. I used to go there every summer as a kid with my cousins and my grandparents. I haven't been there in about 4 years. Good times, good times.

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Depends on my mood...I like New York City for theater and other stuff you can really only get in a large city such as that, small coastal towns in Florida for quiet and relaxation, and Cnetral California (Big Sur, etc) for the beauty of it. There are a ton of places that I have not been to that I would love to visit though.

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From where I've been, Florida, Canada, Amsterdam and... Wales are the best places I've ever vacationed. Florida, for the parks... duh. Canada has some amazing scenery, lovely people and skiing. Then Amsterdam is just... Amsterdam . Wales, is a place we go every year on a huge family trip, so obviously that holds memories, and Mountaineering is awesome.



But, I really want to visit Eqypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland and New York. Between my mum and siblings they've all been visited, or booked for as well... bastards.

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