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Photo TR: Cedar Point 5.11.2005

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After a invite from one of my friends to join him at Cedar Point on Wednesday, I couldn't resist the temptation to get there on an early season weekday. So, I took a personal day from work and we headed up to the "Rollercoaster Capital" for a day of short lines, overcast skies, and even a couple rides I never bothered with riding before.


Here is a quick recap:


The ghost train strikes again!


Next up on our list was Mantis.


Contrary to popular belief, Cedar Point is still perfectly capable of stacking trains.


... and another ...


... and another ...


... and another ...


... and another ...


Some shots for all you Millie fans out there.


We stopped for rides at White Water Landing and the Mine Ride before making our way to Millenium Force. Like the previous coasters, it's line was monsterous!


After Magnum it was time to give the Mean Streak a courtesy ride, and even though they added a second trim to the first drop (can't remember if it was there before, although I know there was one there), it was actually the best ride I have had on it in se


Over half of the train was "chained" off in Magnum's station.


Next up was Magnum. Again, i have no idea what these lines are that people talk about :)


Looks like they might be able to get a few more days out of this sign.


TTD was the first order of business, so we checked out the line. I don't know what everybody always keeps complaining about. Cedar Point doesn't have any lines at all! :)


Here is a night shot of maXair. Cedar Point added an additional thrill to this machine that should make it very unique at night. There a serious of strobes that flash when you pass the bottom area.


New for 2005 was maXair. Although this Huss Giant Frisbee is identical to PKI's, I lived it a little bit better because of it's placement. (Note: By 5:00pm there was a little rain, and let me tell you, Frisbees are very "interesting" in the rain.


AS you can see the midways were pretty much empty on this glorious, mid-week day

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More photos:


... before finally being evacuated. The evacuation process had been going on for about 30 minutes when we left and they had only got about half the people out of the train.


Millenium Force where we watched "Stranded" train sit for somewhere around an hour ...


After watching Dragster (alone) for a little while, we headed back to ...


... as was the Bluestreak.


Raptor was also very crowded ...


We were starting to really get tired of all the insane crowds we had encountered all day. So, we headed over to the empty Wicked Twister


It might just be me, but doesn't this kind of kill the whole concept of a "Whip"


With the addition of maXair, the front of the park is starting to really come together.


Cedar Point is really stepping up their marketing efforts this year as was apparent from the crews sprinkled throughout the park


After a lap on Raptor, we took our sore ears to the front of the park.

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^ The funny thing is most of the rides are operated so well that those people will wait through those queues. When the rides are operated to their capabitlites, the Dragster and Raptor queues are no more than an hour when filled.


Millenium and Mantis are a different story.

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Looked like you had a good time. Those queues looked insane!


I knew that everybody would get a kick out of the queues. Another funny note (and seasoned CP visitors can vouch for this). The pictures that I took of the following queues were only shots of HALF the queue:


Top Thrill Dragster


Millenium Force


While these ones were pretty much shots of the entire queue:






If you ever visit CP on Memorial Day Saturday, 4th of July, and some peak season Saturdays, you will quickly learn that they can fill every single one of them. Including the Corkscrew!

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I got to see an evac of Millie on opening day, it was stuck for more then an hour and they weren't as nearly as high up.


The creepy box was up there, prolly selling water bottles at 5 bucks a shot, LMAO just kidding!


One thing I noticed is EVERY single Coaster broke down opening day.


TTD was mostly a lawn ornament most of the day, millie was on and off. Mantis broke down for awhile. Blue Streak, yada yada yada...oh well teaches me to go on opening day though I got all the credits I needed.



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