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There's another twist in the amazing story of Hershey Hawaii. I can't wait to see how you pull this off. I'm still going to miss the old park. It's so sad that it's being torn down!

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Final Deconstruction Update


Today ends deconstruction of Hershey's Hawaiian Escape. It also ends my time covering the area. I will be passing the torch down to a [younger] friend of mine.


I've had a great time covering this park. I've seen it grow and prosper. I've seen it go through a rough time or too.


But I can't watch it become an indoor waterpark or condos. Can't do it.


Storm was quietly removed, no word on its future home.


Excavation's removal also began last week.


It came down quickly since its not being saved.


It had a short life for a B&M.


Nothing kept, except the volcano.




Nickelodeon hasn't done much yet. Still looks like Hershey Hawaii.


But there's color in every dull situation.


Back where we began.


Thanks, for taking the time to read through my experience at one of the greatest parks of this century.



Your HHE Expert

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I am taking over updates for my aging friend! I am excited about following what happens to this massive plot of land after HHE's departure.


I wasn't there when HHE opened but I got to greatly enjoy the park's last 15 or 20 years.


I think that this might be a step in the right direction for this section of town, which hasn't been the best lately.


Above is concept art for the brand new entrance for Nick Family Suites! I'm sure more will come soon.

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