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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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I think this is a very smart addition.


I agree with you ^


I actually think that it is a good addition for the park seeing that the last two coasters were both 'big' thrills. And it's the perfect ride for that particular spot. The only thing I could see changing is the layout. Definitely doesn't looks like your normal wild mouse coaster. But maybe that's the point, it's supposed to be abnormal!


But nice addition CD5. I am like in love with this park!


and you.

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Okay, since not many people seem to agree with me, here's why it's a smart addition:

You've all come to expect HUGE thrills from this park. Real parks don't get hypercoasters and intense launches every other year. This is a really smart move. Especially in Hawaii, nothing like that would ever happen. This coaster marks a step closer to reality.

That and it appeals to more people than just coaster enthusiasts and teenage thrill-seekers.

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Well, I just read all 86 pages today, and I would just like to say that this is THE most amazing park I have EVER seen! The history is so realistic, and read kind of like a novel to me, lol. But just keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing this awesome park with us!


And though the mouse looks pretty wacky and insane, I also think it could turn out to be a great addition.

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Year 51


The Year 51 season is here and so is Waikiki Whizzer - the park's tenth coaster!


The old skyway station was finally removed for WW's station.


The ride was really squeezed into this small plot of land.


It's great for the entire family.


The boardwalk also received some minor changes.


Most changes were on the "coaster" side of the boardwalk near the new ride.


Some new buildings, some new paint, it looks good.


The ride's taller than I thought it would be.


More soon.

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Year 51


This really is the coaster corner now!


Or is this the coaster corner? Who knows?


This corner of the park has just one coaster...


Surf has control over the central area of the park along with Tantalus.


Solar Flare dominates the last corner of the park near the hotel.


Best spot to coaster watch!


Tango was the ride to ride today for some reason!


They look like they're in pain.


Since when could you surf over trees? Only at Hawaiian Escape!


SeaStar - a veteran ride of the park.


Ready to get soaked?


More soon.


Latest word: Talk with my "sources" isn't so great right now. Word is paradise hasn't been working too nicely for Hershey. They're having a difficult time grabbing this new generation of people who are at Hawaii exclusively for the beaches. They're looking to sell the entire resort.


Now before you start freaking out and signing petitions to save the park, I've heard they are looking for another park operater to continue on with the park. I've been told they realize how long the park has been in operation and they don't want to throw it all away.


I've heard Hershcend Family Entertainment Co. (Dollywood & Silver Dollar City) and Cedar Fair are two big-name companies looking at the park.


I'll be sure to let everybody know more details as they become available. Remember this is only talk, nothing is confirmed.

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Year 51


Well, this season has seemed to fly by, I guess because Hershey has cut a couple weeks off of the season...


It's been a good year attendance wise.


Season pass sales were actually up this year which is a great thing.


That means Hershey is grabbing the locals with the extensive new ad campaign exclusively for Hawaii.


I've also heard the park is looking into closing the park for one day just for the locals.


That would be a first for the park.


It could really encourage those who are scared away by the tourists to visit the park.


In other news, Hershey has released a statement denying the sale rumors. They are not interested in selling the park. (at this time)


I hope they at least keep the park until Year 55. That would give them 50 years as owners of the park.


The park still has alot of potential under Hershey's control.


My guess is that they're going to start ripping out some of the older rides, replacing them with new attractions.


The park doesn't have room for a ride of this size... right now.


Room can always be made, though.

More soon.


Year 52 will begin on Monday.

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Year 52


Well not much new this year. The park is throwing in lower prices and a summer concert series...


Storm is looking great this year!


Which has a more compact layout, Storm or Tantalus?


There's talk going around that the park's next attraction will be located near Zhambi Sidewinder - could the ride be in trouble?


There's not too much room up here, but I'm sure they could squeeze a new flat ride in here.


The adrenaline builds!!


The adrenaline ends!!


Waikiki Whizzer has been a hit with the families!


Still can't believe they fit it in!


This area has changed alot since the addition.


It's a long way to the hotel!


More soon.


Latest word on the "sale" is that Hershey might only be interested in selling the hotel and waterpark area of the resort - simply making the park a "park", and not a piece of a resort. Apparently they don't have room for expansion and there's too big of a demand for rooms. I'll keep everybody updated.

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