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Year 49


Storm's entrance plaza is still undergoing some finishing touches.


It's somewhat secluded from the rest of the park.


Thankfully there is plenty of signage around so guests will be sure to see it.


Excavation is also way back here.


It's definitely looks good in its location.


I guess they could call this area "coaster corner".


The parks put up some traffic signs. I think they're having a rough time with the non-hawaiian/tropical theming...


It looks like they're adding some lighting to Tantalus.


Always a nice view...


More soon.

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Year 49


The park is changing the queue line's style a bit in the upcoming days.


Fast fries is now open!


Overview of the whole new area.


Now to the other side of the park...


Twizzler Turnover is still over here.


It always draws a big crowd.


Solar Flare looks cool from any angle...


Overview of the entire Hershey Hawaii Resort complex.


The waterpark was packed today so I was only able to ride one ride...


Hotel Hellvetica premiers here tomorrow!

More soon.

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I just wanted to say that I've been following your park nearly daily for the past two months. Keep up the great work! I'm always looking forward to what's taking place next. It's one of the best RCT parks I've seen.

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^ Thanks!



Year 49


Just a quick "status" update.


The park is preparing for the big premier of Hotel Hellvetica that will take place tomorrow.


Here's the "walk of the stars". Zhambi Theater is getting a small facelift for the big event.


Special update soon.

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Special Edition Update

Year 49



The ride (not alot of details have been released) will be a 3D ride that will incorporate fire and water.


The walk of fame (for tonight) is ready!


Even Zhambi Theater itself received a new look.


The park was glowing.


Even the ferris wheel looks brighter.


It wouldn't be a premier without the stars themselves!


Most of them are here tonight!


Check out the ladies...


She plays Katrina in the movie.


HHE is shiny tonight.


Overview of the place to be.


These two people loved the movie!


Afterparty at Rainforest Cafe?

More soon.


BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PARTY THAT'S GOING ON RIGHT NOW: http://www.coaster101.com/hotelhellvetica.htm

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I'm very interested to see what you do with HH:TR. Do you plan to do all of the effects on the ride, or will the inside just be bare like the wierd dark rides at Taiga Park?

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Year 50 Announcement


The first of many announcements for Year 50 has been formally released:





HERSHEY HAWAII - Hershey is announcing the first of many new attractions for the park's official 50th year of operation.


HOTEL HELLVETICA: THE RIDE will take guests through a partially flooded queue line before boarding a "time machine" that will take guests into the hotel's deadly past.


Using 3D technology, the ride will use water and fire effects to simulate the experience. CD5Productions, the company that produced the movie, will be creating some new footage for use in the ride. It will place riders in the middle of the action.


Riders will be taken underwater and through fire during the 4 minute adventure. The addition will also include an new outside eatery, Hellvetica Kitchen


"This is a truely unique attraction to the park," a park rep stated.


The park still has several more additions to make before Year 50 arrives.


The ride will replace the old gift shop that had been closed since Hurtle de Zhambi was removed.


The buildings a bit smaller than I anticipated but it looks decent nonetheless.


A view of how the ride will look from the simulator.

More soon.

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Year 49


The park was packed today, there's hardly anyone on Delusion this early in the day.


Baja Blast is always full, all day long.


It's a great attraction.


Someone has no friends!


The boat tour can get boring after the first time on it.


Grande Bay overview.


Hey Zhambi Sidwinder. We know it's you.


FlyUira was down all day for maintenance. Hmm..


It was brutally hot outside today so I ventured over to the waterpark. I don't go that often because there's nothing new!


I heard they might try to add a play structure in the near-future. They're gonna have to build a small one or rip something out because they HAVE NO ROOM.


The entrance plaza was crowded today. Year 50 is going to be unbearable.


More soon.

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Year 50 Announcement


This upcoming year is going to be HUGE.



HERSHEY HAWAII - Hershey announced plans today for three more additions to the park for their massive Year 50 celebration.



Hershey's Hawaiian Escape will be unleashing a thrill like no other. Leopard, launching from 0-60 in seconds, will feature unique trains that seat riders on the outside of the train. The two sides of the train will be able to "split" and race the other.


Leopard will feature a massive "bowl-like" element that will reach over 11 stories high.


The ride's finale will feature an inverted dive loop back towards the station.


The ride is being built by Intamin AG.



Underneath Leopard's "bowl element" will lie Loco, a "crazy" inverting and looping thrill ride. Featuring two gondolas, the ride will invert its riders in a circular-like motion.



Also new to the park will be a new Ice Cream restaurant. Located in The Great Outdoors section of the park, it will offer up a cold snack during the hotter Hawaiian summer days.


These additions will also join Hotel Hellvetica - The Ride and another new eatery for the Year 50 celebration season.


I think we have a winner here.


One half of the "bowl" element.


More soon!

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