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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Year 46




Look for some "retro" updates in between now and then.


The hotel is looking great this morning, one of the last mornings of the season!


The waterpark wasn't too crowded today for some reason.


Sadly, Solar Flare is beginning to show signs of aging...


The launch is getting rough but its nothing unbearable.


Ridership has somewhat decreased.


But it's still a decent ride.


The trees are really growing up around the park.


Mine Mountain: Excavation's name might be shortened to just Excavation since many of the guests are upset at how little the ride resembles the original mine mountain.


I couldn't care less either way.


Zhambi Sidewinder... with only one guest riding.


More soon.


BREAKING UPDATE: Dark blue/purple B&M track has been spotted. I repeat, B&M TRACK HAS BEEN SPOTTED.

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Breaking Update:I think it's going to be a great ride! Hopefully it will be an invert because this park needs one badly.

I do remember reading earlier that HHE doesn't rebuild the same ride twice. For example, each coaster type is only used once. So a B&M inverter is out of the question.


Could be a stand-up?

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^ Haha! That was supposed to go in here...



Year 47 Announcement





HERSHEY HAWAII - Fly into the future this year at Hawaiian Escape as Hershey unleashes a new type of thrill to its stunning lineup.


FlyUira, named after Uira, the sky god, will take its riders on a screaming adventure, all while seated in the "flying" position. The ride is being built by long-time company Bolliger and Mabillard, who also were responsible for Excavation, Year 43's new ride.


This is the first new coaster the park has seen since the addition of Evacuation.


FlyUira will feature the world's only flying "vertical" dive, where riders will not turn as they dive but rather drop in a straight line. The ride will feature two zero-g rolls and several intense turnarounds, one being over the Hershey Hawaii entrance plaza.


The ride is expected to open on opening day.


The ride will feature a straight dive rather than a twisting one.


The ride's turnaround will serve as a great photospot.


With altered colors, it's better to get an idea of the narrow layout. The park had to design the ride to fit into Oronga's old spot.


Construction so far.


More soon. There will most likely be one more Year 46 update since the season hasn't even ended yet!

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Here's a list: http://www.rct-theme-world.de/rct-liste/complete-list.htm



Year 46


The park made an unusually early announcement of FlyUira. Usually the off-season has just begun when they announce it. So here's one last Year 46 update:


The park's original gift shop may be converted into a FlyUira gift shop but nothing's confirmed yet.


The park has begun to dismantle the skyway. I'm betting its replacement will debut for the Year 48 season.


I see Surf.


Here's a panoramic shot of the "better" side of Grande Bay Boardwalk.


Baja Blast has been well-received with the guests so far.


Here's an overview of the Hershey Grove / Hershey Research areas of the park.


The midways were crowded for an end-of-the-season weekend!


It was a bit too cool for the waterpark today.


There were a few people there but they weren't near the waterfall!


Everybody's heading out for the off-season...


In a few months, this shot will be very different.

More soon.

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Year 47


Welcome to the park's 47th season!


Here's the ride's final colors!


The ride's finale is one of the most intense turns I've ever experienced on a coaster. Don't let this ride's small size fool you!


The ride was originally due to feature a pretzel loop in front of the waterfall but due to space restraints it was shortened to just a banked turn.


However, the ride does feature two zero-g rolls, which is uncommon for the standard flyer.


I prefer this style of drop to the swooping kind.


While not tall, this ride still packs a surprising punch.


Overview of FlyUira

More soon.

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