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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Delusion looks really good. The only thing is you should change the bottom from black pavement it doesn't look to good.


Other than that this park is really starting to come back.

Just curious, (this is for anybody), when did the park begin to decline, in your opinion?



Year 45




The Year 46 season is well underway and the park has already begun making preparations for Year 46, which is said to be a big year for the park.


Whatever it is, I think it has something to do with the boardwalk area.


The park will be shutting down the boardwalk for the rest of the season tomorrow.


Some construction walls have already gone up.


Looks like something will be going up in the middle of Bay Lake.


Delusion is still holding up well, the lines haven't been too long because guests still are having a hard time getting all the way to the back of the park.


The park's really got a unique skyline now.


More soon.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who are celebrating tomorrow! I'll see everybody on Friday for the massive announcement for Year 46. Alot of people are gonna be pleased.

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Other than that this park is really starting to come back. Just curious, (this is for anybody), when did the park begin to decline, in your opinion?


I think that it started to decline with the addition of the really big floorless the one everyone hated. I started to feel like you were taking out all the good rides and putting in bad rides. Tigre was one of my favorites and so was Sulfur. I also really liked Turbulence and Tidal Wave. I think that you made the right turn going with Solar Flare. MM:E was pretty good except that I thought the drop was too steep and it looked very unrealistic. I strongly disliked the water park because it didn't have your creative feel to it,but you did a good job with the lazy river. The Master Blaster was almost just like a normal slide only because it went down then up then HUGE helix.


Other than that great job!

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Just curious, (this is for anybody), when did the park begin to decline, in your opinion?

One word: Oronga.

No offense, but that coaster was bad. The layout didn't make sense, it was way too big for the park, the colors looked weird. It was a great idea to add a floorless, but it just didn't turn out as well as it could have. Good theme, though. I tend to shy away from overly massive or unrealistic parks. Oronga put HHE in both categories. Again, I meant no offense by this. Purely constructive criticism. This is one of my favorite RCT3 parks ever (third to two of your other parks).

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Year 46 Announcement





HERSHEY HAWAII - Hershey announced plans today to unleash a revitalized boardwalk to the park next year.


The boardwalk that bordered Bay Lake will now be known as Grande Bay Boardwalk. Hershey is teaming up with Taco Bell to bring guests a Mexican-inspired experience with new attractions and eateries.


The addition will bring the addition of Baja Blast, which, when completed, will be the tallest ride at the park standing at over 200 feet tall. The ride will use compressed air to catapult riders into the sky at high speeds before launching quickly back to earth.


Grande Bay Boardwalk will also feature an in-park Taco Bell restaurant featuring the complete menu. Right next door the former Boardwalk Cafe will be transformed into Grande Gifts giftstore.


"This will liven up this area and bring more traffic through the center of the park," said a park rep, "this is one of the least-travelled areas of the park and we wanted to fix that."


Hershey has confirmed that more changes will come to the boardwalk throughout the year. The skyway will also be retired at the end of the season due to increased down time and maintenance costs. A new transportation ride will debut during the year.


"This is much more than a simple coat of fresh paint."


The park opens for its 46th season soon.


Taco Bell will be the first thing guests see as they enter the new boardwalk from the Zhambi side.


Baja Blast will be the centerpiece of the new addition drawing guests in with its sheer size.


A view of the Grande Bay Boardwalk from the opposite end near Kaena Point Falls

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Year 46


Welcome to the park's 46th season!


I see something new in the skyline!


Welcome to Grande Bay Boardwalk!


First stop on the boardwalk - Taco Bell!


Grande Gifts is also now open.


The entrance to Baja Blast.


Across the water, the anticipation builds.


Folks, that's a long way up.


They've really expanded upon the tiny island that was once here.


Overview of one side of the boardwalk.


More soon!

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Other than the fact that the queue for Baja Blast is way too short (and therefore not aesthetically pleasing), it looks great. Just lengthen that queue and put sum boards underneath it to maintain the "boardwalk" look. Sort of like V2's overflow queue that they almost never use at SFGAm (build it like a bridge).

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Year 46


Yo quiero Taco Bell!


Here's the view from the other side. I spoke with the worker in the Hershey store at the end and he said that the park is planning on redoing this side of the boardwalk sometime next season.


I see something in the sky!


The ferris wheel adds a nice backdrop for the boardwalk.


It's a long one!


I wonder what will replace the skyride when it closes this year?


I won't miss the ride, with it's grey supports...


Baja Blast is now the tallest (and the fastest) at the park.


In other news, there isn't much going on.


But there's talk that next year we'll see something "unique" to the park.


I don't know what it's gonna be, but it's supposed to be a coaster.


More soon.

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