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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Year 32




I eventually moved onto Virginia, it's nice out here, but I still miss Hawaii. I haven't been to the park in two years, wow. However, maybe in a few years I'll have the chance to move back and continue living there.


Since there aren't many coaster enthusiasts living in Hawaii, it's hard to keep up with what's going on at the park other than their website. For Year 31 the park added a new show to the Zhambia Theater, something about an endangered species or something.


As far as I know, nothing big is happening this year or next, just some minor improvements. However, I heard an odd rumor that said Peregrine would be leaving after the Year 32 season... whoa... only 3 seasons at the park? I know it's been named 'roughest' coaster in the world, but you'd think they'd work on that. If they remove it, that will leave the park with only five coasters, an all-time low for the park.


But I have to say, I liked the ride at first, but it is not a re-rideable ride by any means. I guess only time will tell here...


Alright, the reason I sent you this update - I have been asked by a friend who used to work at the park to pick the best logo for possible future use:


(A) - Dusk at Hershey's


(B) - Seaside Escape


Personally, I like the first one, but that's just me. My friend told me they'll most likely use the logo font-layout of both logo options around the park, but that only one would become the official logo for press releases, promotional work, etc.



More soon.




At this point I am anticipating bringing this park back sometime during September, hopefully around the same time The Stranahan Fairgrounds story begins.

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Yes!Down with Peregrine!Tidal Wave shall be next,becuse I hate it!


Hehe,"roughest coaster in the world" that may be bad reputation to B&M!

What this park may need is an new launched coaster,since Turbulence,Tigre and Hurtle De Shambi has leaved,maybe a Premier Rides LIM-launched coaster could go for the park.Also,maybe an suspended,or Halfpipe,or an Intamin Mega-coaster,or even a Strata!

Just my opinion...

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Year 33


I found this in my email inbox today: A new logo and an announcement.


HONOLULU - Hershey's Hawaiian Escape will be retiring their largest, newest coaster after this season.


Peregrine is one of the world's largest dive machines, featuring a 20 story drop and multiple inversions and other elements including a second and third near-vertical drop. But the ride had its problems - many guests constantly have been complaining about it's fast maneuvers and tight inversions.


"I still can feel my head banging inbetween the head restraints!" one annoyed guest stated last year.


Signifigant modifications were made to the ride before it officially debuted, including changing the stand-up trains to sit-down, and lowering the drop nearly 30 feet. The ride was manufactured by a company that is most well known for its smooth rides. Apparently it seems they pushed the envelope too far this time around.


"We looked into several different options, including signifigant modifications to the track including the removal of all inversion," said a park representative, "but the end we decided it would be in Hershey's best interest to remove the ride all-together."


"We try to keep the family in mind at all times."


The ride will continue to operate through the rest of this season. In the mean time, more caution signs have been placed around the attraction. At this time, the ride is slated to be scrapped.


The park is currently in it's 33rd season of operation. Peregrine opened for the 30th season.


Wow, only four seasons of operation...


RIP Peregrine.



I like the new logo, it looks alot better than the last one, IMO.


Oh yeah, I'm moving back to Hawaii next year! So I'll pick back updates beginning in Year 35! See you then.

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Trip Report


Wow, no more Peregrine. That stinks because now everyone will be at Oronga. They were packed. It was a 35 minute wait to get tickets. When I got in, I RAN to Oronga. The 1st switchback was already filled. It was running 2 trains. I waited about 40 minutes and as always, I loved it. After this, I walked to Tidal Wave. Thankfully there was no wait. Gosh, I never realized how intense it is. Red Zone was next. It had a 15 minute wait. Robo-coasters are like insanity. I went to ride Tantalus, but the queue was backing out into the path and the wait was about an hour. So, I went to Zhambi Sidewinder which only had a 20 minute wait. It was cool, but not the best. Tango was next. It had a 40 minute wait though, so I skipped it. Shipwreck had a 5 minute wait so I rode it. There was some nice airtime on it. Twizzler Turnover had a 30 minute wait, so, again, I skipped it. I was dying to ride Phoenix, but it had around an hour wait. I was tired at this point and I only had 25 minutes left, so I left.

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Rides I want to be removed:

1.TIDAL WAVE (I hate it more than any coaster in the hole park!)

2.Kaena Point Falls (It`s an pointless ride,nearly exactly the same layout as The Falls and looks boring!)


Rides I want to stay:

1.Tantalus (It owns!)

2.Zhambi Zidewinder

3.Red Zone

4.Tropicana Tower

5.Hawaiian Swings


Rides I want to be in the park:

1.Water Park

2.An kiddie coaster

3.Premier Lim-launched coaster

4.Freefall Tower

5.Wild Mouse



8.B&M Flyer

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