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Best Coaster "Voice Over" or Sounds

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When VF!'s version of Steel Venom first opened, the ride ops would say something like...

"Alright folks, the snake is ready to bite. Steel Venom's gonna strike in 3...2...1...*launch*"

That was a better time.


I think Dragster's launch prep is really cool as well.

"Keep your head back and your arms down... arms down... arms down... arms down... arms down... arms down. *revv... revv... revv...* *BAM*"

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Gotta love Storm Runner's launch spiel!


"Alright riders, sit upright with head back and hold on tight to the grab handles at all times and keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times" (horse noise and heart beats)... Now Get ready, here we go!


That has to be the all time best launch spiel!


You can see and hear the whole spiel here, just ignore that really annoying lady.

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I've never been on TTD yet, but I've seen videos, and I agree the pre-launch sounds are really cool- they fit perfect w/the theming.

At Busch Gardens Europe, at least the last time I rode it in 1993, on the Big Bad Wolf they said "Prepare to travel at the speed of fright". I thought that was cool. And on Drachen Fire, they said something about "riding on the flames of the Drachen Fire" - also cool.

Also cool is the soundtrack on the lift hill in Disaster Transport. It follows the theme, like you're on a futuristic transport to Alaska and something goes awry. The last thing you hear before the drop is "I'm losing controoooooll...."

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Definatly Bust lunch voice over.... Superman Escape Aus

"Dont worry folks... theres only one way out off this mess, keep your heads back, i push you out of here... FAST!"

OMG i love that

Yeah, i love that. Its also cool when you see the blue flash when superman flies in, and the voicover has a random person saying "Its Superman!"

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Revenge of the Mummy in Hollywood!


"All you souls belong to me!"*evil laugh**launch*


I Think Chiller launch depends on the operator, I just remembered this one:

"all right folks who wants a count down?"*people raise there hands and the op pretends to count*"All right then...10"*launch*


"Launching batman"*launches robin*"oops wrong button"


A good chiller operator makes all the diffrence.

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It's not a launch, but kinda the same on Acrophobia (SFOG)


Some of them will say at the top...


"You'll be dropping in 5, 4, 3...(releases you) Oops!"




Also before they took away all the theming in as far as the prelaunch talk on Flight of Fear it was cool. They said different things (the recording). My favorite was..."You think you're observing us? Then why are you locked in your seat!!!" I can't remember the other ones.

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How about PKD/PKI Flight Of Fear - "Thank you for showing us your world. Not it's our turn to show you ours.... **launch**"



Aside - Best launch ever was off an aircraft carrier, sitting backwards in a windowless cargo plane, with no clue, and into the remnants of a tropical storm. Talk about intense.

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KI's still says that line AFTER you get off at the second station now. Still, I wish FoF had some good ride-ops for this kind of thing.


As for what I like, WT ride ops were good when I went on it (though its only been operation during 1/3 of my CP trips.) They had some good lines like "Launching in 3, 2 *launch* 1." and the whole who wants to go screamy thing. Also, I agree that StormRunner has a great sequence. The heartbeat really builds up intensity, and the "Here we go" is perfectly timed. Sadly, TTD doesnt do it for me. The rev is sweet and all, but the launch is too delayed. Sure it builds up anticipation, but just sitting there for what seems like a minute reving the engine before the countdown gets a little annoying IMO. Also, Hulk is pretty good, but you can't really hear the speil over the squel of the tire lift and the siren.

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