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What's Your REAL Job, Robb?


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Awesome...you work for WayForward?! You must know the Bozons then. I used to listen to Mark's podcast back when he was at IGN.

Come to think of it, he often mentioned his love of Magic Mountain. Did you guys ever go together?

We haven't gone to Magic together, but yes, I work with the Bozons every day....

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I was wondering, after reading TPR for so many years, if you both still manage a fulltime job? I mean, it looks like TPR is bigger than it was ever before and last but not least their is KidTums. And if you don't work fulltime anymore how do you get the budget for TPR or are you doing break-even? What I would fully understand if I see the hours you put in... (earlier in this thread)

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Hey Robb,


Now that you have relocated to Florida, are you still working in the gaming software industry? Or has the amazing site that is 'Theme Park Review' now become your complete focus.


Whichever the case, I'm glad that you and Elissa have moved to Florida, because I know you both have wanted that for quite some time. I've been a part of these forums since they started, so I knew this would happen at some point.


I've often wondered how you and Elissa manage TPR (and all it represents, between global trips, merchandise, the forums, Etc..) and a full time job at a your current company. But your software company was obviously willing to work with you, since you had enough 'time off' to travel the globe, and keep all of your fans up to date on some amazing international parks. (lets face it, without Theme Park Review most of us would not know about the majority international theme parks out there)


In any case, the future looks bright, even if the updates no come from the great city of Valencia.

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I have taken a hiatus from the video games industry. After 22 years of doing games, I was kind of burned out by it, and needed a new challenge. I have taken on Theme Park Review full time, as it was a full time job anyway! If that doesn't work out, I'm gonna apply to run the Scrambler at Fun Spot down the street from us.


As far as how I worked out our schedules with my previous employers, well, it wasn't always easy, took a lot of negotiating, and made sure I took on projects that other people weren't always willing to do.


Overall, it really worked out.


Wish us luck on our new venture...err...our old venture that has now taken over our lives!

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Dont forget Robb's products are also being sold at Burger King right now in happy meals


CoasterCrazy, the gaming industry is a good start, I know the forum wasn't addressed to me, but I'm going to college next year for computer graphics and game design, possibly to go work for some company like Atari or something.


If I dont end up in that field ill end off going to another computer technician field of some sort, theres so many things to do when you take a course through college on computering, its amazing



Robb, you work with Coaster Crazy? Can you add more details and mess with its settings? Suggested ideas- Wing coaster trains. B&m coaster track. Stand up trains. Better looking restraints.

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