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Chuck's Super Fantastic "First Time Visit" to WDW

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***UPDATE! Chuck's Super Fantastic "First Time Visit" to WDW: Day 3&4 The final chapter!


Chuck's Super Fantastic "First Time Visit" to WDW: Day 2


Chuck's Super Fantastic "First Time Visit" To WDW: Day 1


OK! So seriously I have no idea where to begin this Photo TR but all I know is that I am about to burst if I don't get it done...soooo... what I am going to do is take a cue from JULIE ANDREWS and say " LET'S START AT THE VERY BEGINNING!" because it's "A VERY GOOD PLACE TO START!"


BUT before we do start I must warn you that there are plenty of silly photos, and bad jokes...so consider yourself warned!




YEP that's how it began! This trip was planned in less than a month, and seriously I can't believe that it actually happened!


My friend Danny was celebrating his 26th birthday so we decided to spend a week in Florida at WDW. Danny lives in a little city near Fresno (Hey Ryan!), named Visalia, which is about 4 hours away (with no traffic!) from Anaheim (that's where I live!) We decided to plan on meeting here in Anaheim at about 5:00 pm and fly a 9:30 redeye from Long Beach to Orlando. Danny was supposed to leave Visalia at 12:00, but didn't get into his car until 5:00 pm.


I WAS FREAKING OUT! I was sure we were going to miss our flight! IF we didn't make it on time..I promised him a good PUNCH in the face (Even if we made it, he was getting punched in the face!)


I am a firm believer in positive thinking, but come on...there are times when you gotta face reality...which completely shocked the hell out of me when Danny and I made it to the airport with an HOUR to spare! I don't know how it happened, but thank BUDDHA it did!


We sat down in our seats, secured our carry on's, buckled our seatbelts, and right before we launched into the night sky Danny got a good PUNCH in the face!


1 layover and 10 hours later......


We landed in Orlando, a little bit weary from the nights travel. We proceded to gather our luggage and head off to our FLORIDA ADVENTURE!


We were met by the "Magical Express", which was staffed by extremely helpful CM's! We were soon whisked away to the WDW Resort.


This is what we looked like at that point...Gruesome I know!


As you can tell, I was sooo excited to get to the resort!



We pulled up to our hotel and checked in to...Disney's Old Key West Resort! The oldest Disney Vacation Club Resort...just turned 15yo.



This sign made me very excited! :o) My dream was coming true!


After check-in we went to see what our room looked like!



Lots of pastels, like a giant Easter egg, We were definitely in Florida! Danny didnt mind!



Our View...right on the Golf Course!



Mickey's view! hee hee!



Too excited for words!


So Danny and I decided to get cleaned up and head out to our first park!


Mind you, this would be my first visit to a park outside of California! (not counting the Las Vegas Coasters) And this would also be my first NEW park since SFMW in 2001...So I was totally STOKED!



Yay! More Dreams!



Security...we are at an orange level now...I think weird things happen in Florida...Anna Nicole, Crazy Astronuts...WE ARE almost to the park...I can feel it!



Passed Security! YAY! Seriously about to burst!



And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...






Not gonna lie...I know the moves! Good times!


At this point Danny and I were searching for a map...In our excitement we forgot to grab one...and realized that we had no clue where we were going! ROOKIES! Once we scored a map...we found RnR' Coaster and ToT and head over to get a fastpass.



We decided to grab a bite to eat at Sci-Fi Diner...we had no reservation, but we got lucky...others were not so lucky.



The interior was very cool! it was themed to a 1950's drive in movie. I totally dug it! We sat in the back of a little car and stuffed ourselves with...



BURGERS and...






After we were done Stuffing ourselves! we decided to head over to Tower of Terror.



Tower wasn't offering Fastpass today, so we decided to get one for RnR, and wait in Standby for our Tower experience!



Now I have heard all the rumors...and all the arguments about "good" ToT...I had to see what all the fuss was about...I must admit this queue is creepier!



A little afraid that my burger might come back and say hello!



My judging face!



"My Pal Mickey" starts to talk, Some kid climbing the wall behind us...things are crazy here at "Good" Tower!



Hey this looks familiar! Still Creepier!


At this point we entered the study, and into the boiler room which was way scarier than the one I am familiar with! I had to stop taking pictures because I was completely blown away! We all have heard the stories, and have seen what happens when the Elevator begins to move, but no matter how much I was prepared...I wasn't REALLY prepared. The second the Elevator openned and moved forward...my jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it!


This astonishment was all before the elevator's signature drop...BUT of course the drop was amazing too! It was a sequence that I was sooo not prepared for! LOTS OF AIRTIME!



This is my "I can't argue with GOOD tower!" face.



Wishing it was closer to California!



After GOOD Tower, we headed to RnR' Coaster!



The line was only 5 minutes now! Oh well!



Danny was surprised by the RnR' I neglected to tell him what it was going to be like! I thought it was pretty good...



I got jaw checked a couple times (good ole Vekoma), but I am chalking that up to karma, for punching Danny in the face!


We decided to walk around the park and visit as many attractions as we could! The park was kinda busy (well...busier than DCA), we checked out some of the smaller attractions like One Man's Dream



That CM...thought I wanted to hug her...and even though I wanted to hug Walt Disney...I gave her one too!


Next we went to "The Great Movie Ride"



This is Mary Poppin's Horse! This was the only thing that really peaked my interest! Yep....still gay!


We then grabbed a quick snack...


I heart Pretzels the size of my head!



and headed out to the bus stop!



Goodnight MGM! We had a great time!


We loaded the bus, and our next destination was EPCOT!


When I was 4 years old...my uncle bought me a book about EPCOT and World Showcase...how it was built, and what the park had to offer! Since then I have been infatuated with Space Ship Earth! When I saw it in person for the first time, I almost peed my pants...and then I got a bit emotional....I pulled it together though just in time to take this quick shot!



That book was published in 1982, lot's of things have changed...but as I walked around the park, the pages in that book came to life! Quite amazing really.


We decided to do Space Ship Earth First!




It wasn't at all what I expected, but it was quite cool! Hey this is 1970's technology right?



When we left the attraction, night had fallen, and Space Ship Earth really came to life!



I was pleased as Punch!


Speaking of a beverage! Danny and I decided to check out CLUB COOL! You know what it is right??! Beverages from around the world!




Can't be that bad, can it?



It's not that bad.....wait...a...minute...



OK, I was wrong! TIME to GO!



Time for a little Joyride!



Interesting stuff!



"Jounce and Squirm" I love it!



Here we are ready to go! In short...this attraction is awesome! I can't wait to have one in California!


We traveled to China for some dinner at Twin Dragons, and then headed to watch Illuminations from the reserved viewing area on the water near Italy. It was here that Danny got his first Disney Happy Birthday Button!



Illuminations was quite fantastic! I was impressed by all the little touches...like when the narrator blows out the torches in the very beginning of the show. The ending is extremely powerful, and I love that you can see this show anywhere along the lagoon. I recommend it to anyone visiting World Showcase! I wish I had pics, but again I was too caught up in the show to catch any! Maybe next time!


And with that...we headed back to our hotel room to call it a night! We had a big day ahead of us at Animal Kingdom! But before we left, we caught one more pic, in front of my favorite golf ball!



Stay tuned for day two!

Chuck's Super Fantastic "First Time Visit" to WDW: Day 2

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Great TR guys. It's making me wish I was back in WDW now.


I've never eaten in the China pavilion, though...I'm wasn't even aware that they had a restaurant, truth be told...here's a tip. Next time you get a chance to eat in EPCOT, make reservations for Mexico's San Angel Inn. Believe me, you'll need them, because it's a fairly popular spot, with good food, and a great overall atmosphere inside the pavilion.

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Great pictures. You really brought back some memories. Thank you...


I had totally the same experience in Club Cool. Tried a few things and they tasted disgusting so I left very quickly.


And don't worry, I also thought seeing Mary Poppin's carousel horse was really cool! Loved that movie as a kid so to see that was pretty special...


Can't wait to hit there again in August. 6 months and 2 days until I fly in (the 14th) Will have 2.5 weeks to do Orlando this time though vs 5 days in Feb '05.

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"I wonder if I can get one of those "First Visit" badges even though I've been there once." (Niiicolaaah)


Sure! Just tell 'em it's your first time and I'm sure they'll be happy to do it. People do that here at Disneyland to get the Happy Birthday buttons.


Looking at those pictures brought me right back to WDW (I was there in October). Thanks for sharing and glad you had fun!



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Awwwwwe...Thanks Guys! Seriously, I am the biggest dork ever, and your kind words are very touching!




I am not sure I am...but... HERE WE GO!




Give me an A-N-I (Clap, clap) M-A-L (Clap, clap)

Give me a K-I-NG (Clap, clap) D-O-M! (Clap, clap)

That's right, Let's hear it! Animal Kingdom!


Ok, ok....I will stop...but seriously day two was quite amazing, and not because there were hundreds of Cheerleading teams walking around the park (because all those girls were wasted on me!), but because I was going to Animal Kingdom!



Again...I am about to pee my pants!



Even though we woke up at the Butt Crack of dawn, you couldn't wipe that grin off of my face!




Just in case you missed it the first time, I was excited!



Yeah this Jungle is Jumpin', sooooo many people!



Once we were in...yep...that's right we raced to the back of the park...



to see the TREE OF LIFE!!!



Ok...The tree of life is quite beautiful, BUT...not as beautiful as...



(CUE Dramatic Music! You choose! What music do you hear in your head!?)



Again peeing my pants! Maybe that Astronut will loan me some 'Depends'!



We got our Fastpass, grabbed a hot dog...(NICE BREAKFAST HUH!?) Listened to "My Pal Mickey", and watched this...



She was quite mesmorizing to watch...has anyone else seen her before...she was beautiful...for a grape vine.


Anyway, it was time to head back to Everest...



I can't wait any longer!!!!!



So I pounded Everest's hole for Ryan, and ran to the Fastpass entrance!


We waited literally 2 minutes and 33 seconds...and we were at the gates ready to board.




Ready for Dispatch!



Up the lift we gooooooo!!!



Nope never seen this shot before...



Or this one either...



This one is pretty rare too



and the rarest photo EVER!



This is us falling out of Everest's hole!



Everest definitely gets two thumbs up...oh wait 3 thumbs up!


We decided to go to Dinoland USA to check out Primeval Whirl!



Ready for a "Whirling good time!"



Although I look like I am drunk...I felt fine....Danny however...



Did not have a whirling good time!


We decided to head over to Dinosaur next!



This ride kinda confused me...I enjoyed the queue...but...the ride...well...I'll let the picture do the talking!



Really is worth 1000 words huh? The chick in green CRACKS ME UP!



Finding Nemo the musical was fantastic! Although the plot felt a bit rushed, the puppetry and original score were quite ingenious! Please make sure to see this charming little show! I heart the jellyfish!


Danny and I continued to walk around the park some more, and take in the beautiful scenery...


BUT then I came across this vendor...selling...



I felt a bit of nostalgia...definitely a story for another time! I almost bought it Jahan!


After some deep thought...



We decided to leave Animal Kingdom and head over to EPCOT!


Once there, we raced to do Nemo and friends, Journey through the imagination, and Mission Space!



Can't wait for the subs to open!



Journey was a fun little attraction...I loved the little surprise ending...it actually startled me...we all laughed about it!



Ok...secretly I was a little afraid that I would get sick, but it was pretty tame...I was the Navigator! Danny was the Pilot! I had pictures of Gary Sinise...but...I think Danny trashed them! Sorry Wes!


It was time now to jump onto the Monorail, and head to the Polynesian Resort...at this time...Danny and I were both being a bit silly from being slightly tired...



Did you yawn just now?! Don't worry we're almost done!



YAY! OHANA!!! Definitely, our second wind! I have been dying to eat here since the first time I saw Robb and Elissa eat here, I think during their WDW wedding TR. It definitely did not disappoint!



I'm the Polynesian bandit....give me all your BBQ!



The view from our table!



My frosty beverage! I had to get it...it was the Year of a Million Dreams Martini! I really wanted to dive in!



Then the food started to come...and it kept coming and coming and coming...



All you can eat! I was in heaven!



And then dessert! The best bread pudding EVER!


And with that it was time for the Polynesian bandit to roll himself back to the hotel room, call it a night, and catch some zzzz's for day 3 @ MAGIC KINGDOM! I should be able to post that report soon!


Until then...peace out!

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