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Coolest station you've seen

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I'll jump on the bandwagon for the people that posted Mr. Freeze.

I'd also say:


-Wildfire at SDC because of the view.

-Screamin' Eagle at SFStL (rustic, old fair feel)

-Any of the Batman coasters (surprised no one said them)

-ToT for obvious reasons



Clay "sitting at work, can't post pics" Lamanske

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The Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Europe has a great queue/station theme. Generally I've found dark rides tend to have the best stations.


This makes sense because otherwise there wouldn't be much of a draw to it from the outside since you can't see track or anything.


Here are some pictures.





More pictures can be found here: http://www.amusementpics.com/Curse%20of%20DarKastle.htm

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I like the DarKastle que line too, but the ride is kinda sucky, especially because of Bad Ludwig puns 2.5 times per minute.....


stations I like.....


Alpinegiest's hehehe winter-y death! (don't have a pic of......)


I like X's (again don't have a pic of.......)


and of course Griffon's, partly because I like floorless coasters


I mean c'mon it's pretty kewl

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Some of my favorites:


Incredible Hulk

Doctor Doom

Space Mountain (WDW)

Flight of Fear

Tower of Terror (WDW)

Expedition Everest

Black Hole (Wet n' Wild pretty good for a water slide)

Rock n' Roller Coaster

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I greatly miss the original station for the Coaster (aka Thunderhawk) at Dorney. Curved loading platform, no air gates, queue line running around the bumper cars, the tunnel below said bumper cars before the lift hill.


Then they had to go and screw up the ride with the new station that puts the loading platform back before the transfer track, which necessitated the change from lift-skid brakes to the modern clamp-on-fin style and the HORRIBLE trim on the final bunny hills. It used to be awesome flying into the ending tunnel into the building, hitting the skids and stopping 20-30 feet from the train that was in the loading section (if the ride ops were on their game, that train would already be gone and they'd slide you right into the loading section without coming to a complete stop).


Sadly it doesn't seem as if any pictures of it exist anywhere on the internet.

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