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New TPR Video! Power Park, Finland!

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Hey everyone!


So I've posted yet another segment from our recent "Coaster Expedition Volume 8" DVD.


This time - POWER PARK in Finland!!!


This was an awesome little park with the brand new GCI Woodie "Thunderbird." Of course, the REAL highlight of the park was the bizarre marzipan cake creature known only as the "Green Monster."


Not only will this video give you a pretty good idea of what it's like to ride Thunderbird, but you'll get proper instructions on how to eat the green monster!


So let's review....in this video you'll see:




Green Monster!


Check out the video here:






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The boomerang was VERY smooth...but...with the new magnetic brakes it uses in the station it made me feel extremely nauseous INSTANTLY. I could only take one ride, most everyone else rode again but they said they also felt a bit ill from it.


Almost as if it wasn't engineered quite right and it slowed you too fast.

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^ What are you talking about? We had all kinds of POV in that video.




A start to finish ride video. Sorry for lack of clarity. I figured that the park was not wanting start to finish POV since, they told Jeff Pike at GCI not to post a POV he did last year.

This was Jeff Pike's quote:



The park owner looked over a few of our impromptu vids, and he opted against the POV. He would like to leave some things to the imagination, apparently.


Sorry if you were annoyed, but we work (and sometimes post video) at the pleasure of our customers!



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Cool video. The park looks very nice and tidy and it seems like they do have a nice selection of rides. Smooth Boomerang, Booster, an awesome frisbee ("in the house, out the house...." ) and that woody... Yummie, it looks awesome. I'm looking forward to go to Power Park this june!


They also have a race / cart track near the park. Is that also worth going to?

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They're basically in the park!


There's an outdoor one and an indoor one. We didn't feel it was worth the money (I'm pretty sure it was at least about $20 for a few laps). Yes they were fast, but not speaking Finnish at all, and all that safety gear, it might have been confusing!

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^ yeah, it was 15€ (~19.8$) for 10 minutes, but yeah not worth it imo, even if they say it's 'world class', mainly because the (finnish) former formule 1 driver Mika Salo has designed it.


Janster: btw. If you need any information, help about Finland etc. feel free to pm/e-mail me.

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