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Photo-TR: Disney International Program Graduation

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Disney International Program Graduation

Uhh, the year is nearly over....


Hey guys,

last week I had my graduation at the Contemporary Resort! It was really nice and we had good food! It is unbelievable how fast the year passed by! I had a wonderful time at Disney and the best is that I met my girl-friend in this program. If you ever have a chance for this program, then go for it! I would always make it again! Hmm, maybe not... Sometimes I had a feeling that I am already to old for this whole thing! But if you are young, then it is a great experiance!

I liked Disney Parks before, but now I like them much more! I see everything now from both sides. I learned a lot about the whole company and had the chance to meet so many great people!

Anyway, before I start crying! hehe... It looks good that I can stay a few month longer and if it is really possible, then I will stay till june! So, if you had no chance so far to meet me, then come to the German Pavilion and say "Hello"!



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Your party was so much nicer than my WDWCP graduation!! Mine was just at the "pavilion" at Vista Way!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed your time there...even seven years later, I still regard my time there as the best time of my life. It's an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!


-Julie (who is SO JEALOUS of the pics with graduation Mickey and Minnie!!)

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Your party was so much nicer than my WDWCP graduation!! Mine was just at the "pavilion" at Vista Way!


Hey Julie,

I heard about that. The WDWCP graduation is not that good! I mean for the CP people they have a graduation every 2 month or so and for the IP program I think only 2 times a jear! Anyway, I heard the last graduation for the CP program was at Epcot in the millenium hall and they said it was really good.



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Congrats on your 'Graduation' there at EPCOT, Soren.


I'm surprised you didn't get the cartoonist to draw you "Soarin' over"..... well you know, heh heh.


Have a great "extra three months" there, too!


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Congrats, Soren.....


I am so mad we didn't get a chance to talk to you the night Sammi and I stopped in the German shop, but you were so freaking busy and Sammi was just exhausted that night (I believe this was the same night she fell asleep in the food court when we got back to the resort!).


I am so glad you had such an awesome time-it reinforces my goal to "retire" to Florida once Sammi has grown and go to work there!



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