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SoCal Park Photo TR

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Gnome, were you thinkin that this was two girls holding hands? If so, that person in black looks like some emo dude in tight pants. Not another girl.


Fantastic photo trip report!! I really enjoyed your captioning skills!


But I just couldn't figure out why these 2 were holding hands.... hmmmm

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^^ while I have seen male's dress like that, I can assure you that in this case it was a woman.


Though I find it funny how female same sex couples show more of a public display of affection compared to men. I guess holding hands is more of a chick thing then it is a "couples thing" in general.

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Nice photo PTR! Although I'm a little bit concerned as to your motives for riding the Omnibus.


Last photo for the report. BTW does anyone have any photos of the inside of this place?

Also, I thought the "Globe Theater" was the one sheakespear performed in, compared to some nice indoor theater.



Robb, Elissa, Mike, and I went in there for the HHN press event, as well as I went to my prom in there.


Not that many pictures of the interior, but there are photos from inside of there, here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/hhn-hollywood2006/hhn-hollywood1.htm



-Jahan "I went to my prom for the Terminator show" Makanvand

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