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Free Hugs


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There's a campaign going one, Free Hugs. it's now running for a few months, and last sunday I saw them in Amsterdam.

I think it's a good campaign, cause hugging is just nice

what do you think about this campaign? should it fit in a Theme park or not??


YouTube Video:



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Oh it's supercal. My friend and I once went to the mall and did this...'course we only got about 5 hugs between us. And I've also peeps at my school do it. It's pretty awesome. I mean who doesn't want a free hug?

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I thought my friend started that during a youth gathering back in 2004. Eventually that word spread around the entire gathering of like, 20,000 people and free hugs were popping up everywhere.


I like these types of things... a hug is always a short burst of security, even if it is from a stranger...

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All the people that are saying "If a stranger ran up to me and gave me a hug I would kick his __" are completely WRONG. The free hugs giver doesn't give you hugs, the people that want them hug the caregiver.


Free hugs reminds me of Challenge day, the first day I've ever seen my whole school burst into tears about their own life. Saddest day ever. Challenge day was supposed to open our hearts to the people around us, of course, it never changed the school...


People are just too worried about their image. I LOVE this campaign, but the sad thing, is that it will never change anything, because this world is just too closed minded, and everything is taken out of proportion. A free hug just means somebody cares, but if someone sees a stranger hugging a child, the only thing they can think of is pedophile, and probably find some way to sue them, just because this world is so greedy.


I love campaigns like this, but the sad thing, is that the modern nature of people would never accept it, which is why the campaign was banned.

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i agree with wat your saying, people are too closed minded (it's a bit better here in holland though) but I think this campaign also helps people think more open minded, and to learn people that they don't always be afraid of strangers, a lot of them are really nice too

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