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Horizontal bunjee jump

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That looks like so much fun! I mean if it weren't like being launched out of a cannon several times in a row it would be great. Having those cords fail would suck though, could probably fly a few hundred feet until you hit a tree in that forest. Would also suck if you're ATV gave out and you have more of an arc motion, being launched out of a cannon, then slamming into the ground, then more being airborne, then hello to Mr. Ground again.

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I am suprised that girl wouldent suffer massive brain trama or an concusion.


Brain Trauma like an aneurism or pre existing condition. Oh yeah.


For a concusion to occur she would have to sustain some sort of blow to the head. So unless the bungee cord broke and she slammed into something. In the position the harness kept her, the possibility of that is not likely.


Not that this is by any means safe at all.

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