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Camelot Amusement Park, UK Announces "Knightmare"

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Apparently there was an official press release announcement made on ukrides.info today. It's kind of odd that the park didn't go with a real news source, but here it is anyway....




Prime Resorts Limited, the owner of Camelot Theme Park near Chorley, has announced plans for a major investment in a spectacular new ride for 2007, Knightmare.


The new ride will be the biggest single investment ever made by Prime Resorts at Camelot, one of the North West’s most popular visitor attractions.


Work has started on preparing the site for the new ride – a family thrill roller coaster full of twists and turns that lasts around two minutes, reaching speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour.


At over 2,600 feet long, Knightmare is one of the world’s longest roller-coasters and is one of only two of its kind in the world.


Roy Page, Prime Resorts Limited’s Chief Executive, described Knightmare as ‘a world class addition’ to Camelot’s long list of attractions and live entertainment, including the unique jousting tournament.


“Knightmare is set to become one of the most talked-about rides in the region and will provide a major boost for Camelot in 2007. The spectacular ride will provide genuine excitement for thrill-seekers young and old,” he said.


Knightmare is expected to be in operation from late Spring. Its arrival underlines Camelot’s commitment to maintaining its position as one of the most popular visitor attractions in the North West.


The major investment in the new ride follows an announcement by Prime Resorts last year which may lead to proposals for a mixed use development on part of the site in future.


Roy Page added: “At the time of that announcement we pledged our commitment to investing in Camelot for the foreseeable future. Knightmare is proof positive that we are determined to provide a fantastic day out for families and groups at Camelot for many, many years to come.”


Knightmare will be located alongside some of the other most popular attractions at Camelot, including Excalibur Two, The Rack and The Whirlwind.


Camelot opens for the 2007 season on March 31.


For more information about Camelot, visit:



We're really psyched about the fact that it will be rebuilt!!!


Way to go Camelot!!! If you haven't seen the construction photos we took this past weekend or a POV of the coaster when it was in Japan, check it out here:





The new "Knightmare" at Camelot.


POV of "Knightmare" at it's previous location in Japan.

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I think some of you guys need to remember what Camelot is. It's a TINY park! They can't afford decent marketing. The number of guests there is probably 200,000 a year - if that! Don't go expecting lavish marketing, extravagant theming or anything else. It will be a built coaster, and that is all.


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^ Oh, we know...and it's like one of those sayings "we're only making fun of you because we like you!"


Regardless of the Knight guy desperatley in need of some Ex-Lax....they are getting a kick ass coaster!


They could have made the announcement photo in MSPaint with a scale model made out of poodles and it would still have been awesome!!!



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They could have made the announcement photo in MSPaint with a scale model made out of poodles and it would still have been awesome!!!




Perhaps even more awesome!


"Prepare yourself for KNIGHTMARE! The world's first coaster constructed entirely of Satanic poodles! Do you have the courage to plunge into decorator dog hell? From the designer of Spooky Express at Joyland!"


Chihuahuas would be scarier yet.

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