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What could the Future be like?


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After watching the new show on the science channel last night, I got the idea of creating this thread. So what do you think the future be like? Would we live on the Moon? What kind of technology will we have? etc.



Think about it. In the future we could all be directly communicating to everyone inside the computer in sort of like a gigantic meeting! Cool huh.



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Actually, Jahan and I were talking about this show yesterday.


We both thought it wasn't as cool as it was hyped up to be. Plus it seems like a lot of the stuff they were predicting for 2057 was REALLY farfetched.


I caught the one on 'The Earth'...I missed "The Body" and "The City". I'll try to give the others a chance, but it seemed kind of odd.

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I saw part of the body and some of the ideas where very far-fetched, but at the same time they showed how amazingly close we are to being at that level of technology.


For example they had a shirt on the show that would give authorities all of your vital information in case it had noticed you had been attacked or in an accident, call the authorities, and give the ambulance your medical records. This sounded like it would be impossible but then they showed that some prof at Georgia Tech had developed a shirt which has wires and computer chips woven into it (its washable too!) that can track your heart rate.


So while the idea of what will happen in 50 years seems really impossible, it really might be obtainable.

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I am personally a sciency-future geek. I first saw this show on the Discovery Channel and it was pretty awesome. I saw all three, and yea the ideas did seem a little far fetched. I mean "reversable death?" "Printable organs?" "Virtual interactive pets?" They all seem awesome, and two out of three were surfacely tested. I'll just have to wait 'till I'm 65 to find out. (Glad I'll still be alive! No offense...)


--Devo (nickname)

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With the way things are going now (with Bush as president),the future could very well end up like the one portrayed in the movie Idiocracy.



A man like George W. Bush could only become president if the present is already like the movie Idiocracy. (No offence to anyone who didn't vote for him BTW.)


I think that by 2057 this planet will be several pieces of inhabitable radioactive dirt floating randomly throu space.

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I believe in the future a new kind of music will come out. It will be a mix of sounds to help people with SPorts. And it will have the theme of rOCK to it. They will call it SPOCK. LOL AHAHAHA ROFL ROFL.


I believe that some of the cars portrayed in these shows will be availible. Like the car that the seats turn and so do the tires. Or a motorcycle enclosed that swivels as it moves. Some things on some LOGICAL shows look completely do-able. But on 2057 it's like something you'd get off of Stargate or something.

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