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best bobsled coaster

best bobsled coaster  

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  1. 1. best bobsled coaster

    • Trace Du Hourra
    • Screamin' Delta Demon
    • Schweizer Bobbahn Heidie
    • Schweizer Bobbahn Europa
    • Alpine Bobsled
    • avalanche Blackpool
    • avalanche pkd
    • Disaster Transport
    • Bobbaan
    • La Vibora
    • Munich Autobahn

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I've heard really good things about Trace Du Hourra, such as, it's well-themed, it's exciting, and it's not over-braked like so many other bobsled.


Yes, this is a great bob and pretty long. Speed is great, you actually feel the power of this coaster. I also rode the Bobs in Efteling but it was kind of lame with too much brakes.


Question : how many of you who rode both Trace Du Hourra - AND - Disaster TRansport actually thinks DT is better ?

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Been on Disaster Transport, Trace de hourra, Schweizer Bobbahn Heide, Schweizer Bobbahn Europa and Avalanche.


Hands down, Heide owns. Speed, lenght and some intense forces. And the tunnel it has is just freakin insane...


Yeap, I agree. Heide's is one of my favourite ride ever...it just goes on and on! Blackpool's is fun but too short.

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  • 11 years later...

Reviving this thread because I’m curious about:

1. How flying turns compares to the other bobleds

2. How the list of best bobsled fares now that Disaster transport and possibly some other bobsleds have closed.

3. Also IDK if anyone cares but this thread should probably be added to the “What is your favorite ___?” Thread if possible, but of course this isn’t too important.


The only bobsled I’ve ridden as of writing this post is Flying Turns, so I’m curious how the others stack up.

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