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Random feeling after Theme Park visit...

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My first experience with an almost complete black out was on Goliath at SFMM. I continued riding coasters for the rest of the day. I don't know, but I think it might have to do with temperature. When I went on Goliath next time, I rode it a lot in the back seat, in very cold weather. Never blacked out once. Slightly gray. I never felt sick, or anything like that, it's just what happens to me.


I personally doubt there's anything very wrong with you. However, I think you should go see a doctor about this. Don't take any risks when it comes to your health. Health is more important than roller coasters.



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I'm no doctor. Nor do I have a mom who is a doctor. But I think (yes I'm 13) after riding a ride if you feel at all sick, or tired. Then Sit down for a while. Drink some water. I'm studying Human Bodies in science this year. And the number one thing to do when you feel sick. Is to sit down, or rest. And drink water. I'm not saying it's the worlds best thing besides medicine but I am just saying that helps with alot of sickness. If you still feel sick, dizzy, and crappy then I personally would stop riding rides for the day. Call it a day and head home. Or walk around the park looking at stuff. (which isnt really fun unless your at EPCOT)

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Yeah, the only pains I have had on a coaster are obviously rough ones like Desert Storm, Iron Wolf, Flying Coaster, Mind Eraser, etc... I have only blacked out once on a coaster and that is Goliath at Magic Mountain. It was only for a few seconds so it wasn't that bad. I also have never puked out on any ride I have been on.



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The closest I can relate to this would be two events that both took place at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay/Africa:


1. My first ride on the Python caused me to have a gray-out. Those corkscrews really were killer...

2. We went to Busch Gardens on one of the least busy days of the year (off season for tourists). I rode every coaster at least ten times and threw off my equilibrium. That basically got me a one day ticket to stay in bed as I could barely stand up without getting dizzy. Now, I am a little more careful... I only ride Busch Garden's coasters 5-8 times each per visit...

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The only ride that this has ever done this to me is Dragon Fire at Paramounts Canadas Wonderland, and the ride is not even that intenese. It never had happened to me untill this past year. But every time I ride in the last car, last row and seat on the right side, while going through the second vertical loop, I get a full grey out, and i've gotten one Black out, of all the rides on it this year( only when I do the above listed things). The worst part about it is that right after, the train veers into a left pull out into two consecutive corkscrews .

The only thing different is that I do not get a bad headache and I don't feel sick for the rest of the day.



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There's a difference between 'graying out' and having pressure in your chest and difficulty breathing. I know you think that because this had only happened ona rollercoaster you'll be fine not going to see a doctor until you plan to ride it again. The thing is, this could be a sign/symptom of something you don't know you have, that could happen again anywhere. In a sense, you're lucky it happened because now you have a reason to go get checked out and if it is actually something bigger, you'll find out!


I'm not trying to scare you, I mean nothing could be wrong at all, but I've had something wrong that was found out completely by fluke. If it wasn't caught at the time it would've turned into something that could've cost me my life and I would've had no idea until it was too late. It's better to know than not know. It really doesn't take a lot out of you to go see a doctor, even if you think he's a moron. The worst he'll do is say "it was nothing, you're fine".

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Well, I don't know about the shortness of breath, but as for the headaches and blacking out, it happens to me quite frequently on intense rides such as Alpengeist, B:TR, etc. if I re-ride or marathon them a lot.


I've found that the main factors in blacking out are:


-Amount of sleep you've had (usually this is low for most people, as they got up early to go to the park and went to bed late)

-Amount of food you've eaten (I always eat a full breakfast, the blacking out is much worse if I don't)

-Level of hydration (you need to constantly hydrate throughout the day, especially if it's hot, which it usually is during park season)

-Number of times you've ridden a ride (marathoning an intense coaster will wear you out badly)



So, just get 8 hours of sleep, eat breakfast, and stay hydrated throughout the day and you should be fine. If that doesn't work, maybe take a quick break from riding and get in an air-conditioned building (a dark ride like Monster Plantation works well for this on a hot day).

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I think you doctor will tell you to avoid rides that make you feel sick as this is the logical. The Next question will be if you suffer these symptoms on everyday life ?


You should go see a doctor and do a simple blood test to know you're ok. 23 is young for problems but eating junk food for years may cause even at your 20's all kind of problems.

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When I was 11 and on holiday in Italy, I dived into the Hotel's swimming pool and my ear drum "burst" due to the pressure.


We had to cut the holiday short by a couple of days, my parents took me to my doctor and he suringed my ear which lead to a infection of the middle ear.


All of my middle ear bones have been destroyed and between being 11 and mid 20's, I have had 4 operations to reconstruct my ear drum and middle ear area.


My doctor says it is safe for me to ride coasters and I should not get any problems.



The only coaster which has given me a gray-out is "Oblivion", Nemesis gives me headaches and slight walking not straight problems ( the ground feels like a 45 degree angle and I learn forward) when I re-ride 2 or 3 times in a row.


I have been on many coasters over the years inc all at Cedar Point and Kings Island, England,Wales and Europe, most of the time I come off the ride fine, sometimes I get a small headache depending on the ride's layout and how inversion it has.


I have ridden "Goliath" at Walibi World (I'm thinking of moving house in a couple of years time to Holland so I can be near this coaster and get out of the UK) 10 times in a row during a visit and felt a bit dizzy, after a hour or so i'm back to normal health.


I have decided not to credit any "Rocket" or "Euro-Fighter" coasters, "Oblivion" at AT, "Slammer" and "Rush" at TP, any flat fast rides or any Drop Towers.


These rides might put too much pressure on my ear.

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Hmm this has sort of happened to me.


I used to be able to ride any spinning ride, but now they all depend. I'm guessing the biggest factor is my health, I'm eating McDonald's at least 3 times a week and rarely eating home cooked meals. I never work out either. Take the Zipper for example. I used to go on it over and over. Now, its just once and only once per visit. Or else someone's going to find that Quarter Pounder with cheese in their seat.

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Wow almost the exact same thing happened to me on Millennium Force. I completely blacked only for a second and was luckily able to enjoy the rest of the ride. But then about a week after that i was in a room talking to my sister and completely blacked out again and fell over this time. It's the weirdest thing.

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