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The crap on crap

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Since it seems like we spend a lot of time on here discussing all kinds of crap, let's talk about real crap. Which park/parks do you think have the best bathrooms? Cleanest? Most per visitors?


I think Disney tends to be really good at keeping up their restrooms for visitors.


Cedar Point seems to have the most spread out. Seems like they only 5 for each throughout the whole park.

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How many bathroom credits does Mantis Man have?

He just got his 20,000th use in a single bathroom, a new record .


Well anyways, Palace Playland didn't even have bathrooms, does that count? Well if you want know the worst bathroom, I would say York's, just plain disgusting

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Worst bathroom ever: Coney Beach. dt


Dave - You are very brave for a deadman. I was afraid to even look for the restrooms there and held it in until we got back to the hotel.


Speaking of Coney's, Astroland's restrooms are crap. You are better off using the restroom at Nathan's, or getting a drink at a dive bar on the boardwalk and using their facility, but that can be a crapshoot, also.

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I think this thread would be perfect here:




This site actually has a "Manual Flush Toilet Guide." For some reason, this just cracked me up. Yes, if auto-flush toilets scare you or your children, Mouse Planet can guide you to those bathrooms where you still have to dispose of your waste the old-fashioned way.


There don't appear to be too many manual-flush toilets at DL anymore. Better line up at City Hall and start complaining now!

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^ That's hilarious.


The worst I've seen were at Conneaut. I went in one, and the doors to the stalls were falling off, and the toilets were so caked with waste that they were solid brown on the bottom! So I found another bathroom...same thing!! Luckily I was able to high tail it to a nearby Walmart before wetting myself!




EDIT: Ok, let me rephrase...that makes it sound like I wet myself once I got to Walmart hahaha. Luckily I was able to high tail it to Walmart, where I found adequately clean restrooms just in time!

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^Why did you sit in there then!




Choose another stall if it has feces smeared on the wall.




Words to live by.


"If there's feces on the wall,

Choose another stall."




Inspirational stuff. I'm in awe.


Seriously, i'm surprised people haven't taken photos, as creepy as some of you are.

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Worst bathroom ever: Coney Beach. If you ever wondered what would happen if you had a toliet and never cleaned or flushed it for a thousand years, well, this is the place to view the results.




I saw scared to use the Coney Beach bathrooms. I couldn't hold it anymore and used the bus bathroom! Of course, Robb took a picture of my bathroom exit. Grrr...


Williams Grove's potties were pretty scary, but the cleanest I've ever seen were at Sea World Orlando.

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