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Who's in Favor of School Dress Codes?


Strict Dress Codes/Uniforms - Good or Bad?  

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  1. 1. Strict Dress Codes/Uniforms - Good or Bad?

    • I'm all for them, especially uniforms.
    • I'm all for strict dress codes, but not uniforms.
    • I think a middle ground solution is best.
    • Only very basic rules should be instituted.
    • Nothing should be done to bfluffy, fluffy bunnyk what students wear, no matter what.

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^^Eh, well of course they should be clean and neat to a point, and they certainly shouldn't be offensive, but I still say that they should learn to dress themselves and that a healthy competition to dress the best can be a good thing. It's tough on many students, but in the long run, it teaches a good lesson. It doesn't end when they leave school anyway.


I've started re-writing the article, I'm sorry for how bad the sketch was, I should have waited till this re-write to post it. I've replaced the old article with what I've done so far, check it out.


Thanks for all your input guys, it really helps.

I notice there are a few more who side with having strict dress codes, I would like to hear your opinions please.

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Thank god I grew up in the 80s. The only rule they had at my school was no hats! Everyone dressed normal during those times! There was no wanabe gangsta, pants down to the bottom of your arse, baggy clown clothes.

No thong up your arse, hoochy moma mini skirts showing half your bodonkadonk, boob poping tight tops!


We all all dressed normal and knew how to dress normal. So no stupid hardcore dress code needed to be implemented!


2 very simple rules that will clear this whole dress code problem up in our schools.

1. Do not dress like a slore

2. Do not dress like a gangsta

And #3:

Don't dress like a hooker.


That pretty much falls under #1 (slore= slutty whore)

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If a dress code is instituted does that mean I can't laugh at the fat chicks who wear clothes that are to tight anymore?




LMAO. Thats really gross....people shouldn't dress like that. It's really disturbing when I see fat chicks that wear tight clothes! Reminds me of when I was at Six Flags New England and these fat chicks wore tight clothes and you could see there fat just hanging out. But I think there should be a limit to what people can wear in school. Seeing guys who sag there pants is just gross as well. No one wants to see your @$$ so they should do something about that. I swear if my kid ever dresses like that, I'll have a fit. Why do parents let there kids dress like that?

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but kids need to experiment and see what reactions they actually get from their clothing styles and how to dress to please themselves and others.

Plenty of time for that in college.


Many of us have a dress code at work. Why not schools?


Hmmm, because they are completely different things? Dress codes in school try to teach that only the allowed measures are acceptable, which is wrong in my views. Dress codes at work are based purely off of what will please a paying customer.

Not in every instance. I work in an office where we do not come in contact with the paying customer, yet a "workplace casual" dress code is enforced.

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I don't think it would be justice to force kids to wear uniforms, I had to endure that torture in middle school. However, some sort of rules should prohibit provocative wear, clothing that may suggest gang related actvities. This may not necessarily completely fix the problem, but may help kids see how dressing a ceartin way can effect how other people view you.

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^^Well, there's plenty of time in high school too, besides, many colleges have dress codes now too.


And about teaching them to dress for work, I just don't believe they should be drilled into wearing things based on what society dictates as "professional". I believe they need to see for themselves what their styles can do for them, not be brainwashed. It leads to them thinking up new ways to be even more "professional".

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I guess I'm not too bothered by Uniforms, Here in Australia basically every school, both primary and secondary has a Uniform, with further rules that go with it. Eg we had a shirt (I have since finished school) with the school logo, a tie, grey pants and a woolen jumper with the school logo (This is the winter uniform though) In summer it was grey shorts and a shirt. Girls had their own stuff too (Eg a summer dress) On top of that there were limits like only 2 peircings in each ear, if you have other piercings it has to be coveted by a band-aid or taken out. For girls hair ties had to be in the school colours and there was to be no coloured nail polish, your shoes had to be black and polishable, socks have to be grey.

In summer too you were required to wear a broad brimmed hat (Again one with the school logo) when out in the sun.

For some of the more exclusive private schools their uniforms were more formal than this.


But I think anyone who considers this 'torture' is just a whinger, i mean its only a few hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months of the year so the majority of the time is still spent not wearing a uniform.

And it didnt waste huge amounts of time with enforcement etc because everyone just followed the rules, and the ones who didnt were the sorts of people that were badly behaved anyway and got in trouble a lot anyway.

And you didnt even notice you were wearing it anyway, and its sort of good because you see people more for who they are and it breaks down the barriers a bit, lol the year 12s wear blue jumpers (everyone else wears maroon) so it was like we were one big family.


But its definitley wasnt like this big communist/prison/conformist environment people are making it out to be.

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The uniform in Gav's school in Australia sounds similar to how my high school's was, it was black or grey long pants for both genders, or a skirt (not too short), if preferred, for girls, white shirt, grey and gold striped tie, and grey sweatshirt with (optionally) the gold school logo. No other logos allowed. However, they've recently changed it (in an attempt to make the pupils look smarter when wandering around outside the school) to black trousers/skirt, white shirt, red and black striped tie, red V-neck jumper, and a black blazer.


Some friends and I at uni actually had this conversation a little while before Christmas and it got bizarrely heated! My argument FOR uniforms is always that, for the most part, it acts as a leveller. My school was a little odd in that it's in a funny part of town, where literally within a five minute walk are some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the North West, council estates and the like, and then on the other side, some very affluent areas, half a million pound houses, etc etc. If we had been able to wear whatever we wanted... There would have been a GREAT class divide between the kids who had all the designer gear they wanted, and those who clearly had to buy their clothes second-hand, or wear siblings' hand-me-downs. Now obviously, these less wealthy families still had to BUY uniforms, but the school did help out a lot, and they always encouraged leaving pupils with no younger siblings to leave their sweatshirts and ties behind when they left to be passed on to people who couldn't afford much, which I'd say a good 50%+ of us did.


Obviously, in extreme cases, you could still tell whose families had money and whose didn't, from things like shoes and bags, and in some cases, it was clear that peoples' uniforms hadn't been bought specifically for them, as they didn't fit correctly, were obviously old, etc, but it definitely helped out a LOT, especially in the last couple of years when they started banning obvious logos on bags and coats so that the designer label obsession was diminished.


Having said all this (and I'm trying to wrap up because my post will end up as long as the original poster's article), now that they've brought in the NEW uniform, it's causing no end of problems, because the poorer kids can't afford to buy the stupidly expensive blazers, plus they have to buy EVERYTHING bar the shirts new, and there is nothing to be handed down to them from the past students, as that uniform is now obsolete. At least, it will be: the kids THIS year have the luxury of choosing between the two, and can wear either the original grey and gold or the new black and red.


I can see the other side of it, it was nice once I got to college and could wear my own clothes everyday, but then college and university are a lot less harsh than high school, and to be honest it was vastly less stressful for myself and hundreds of others to just have the uniform.

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I think the dress codes in school really sucks. I know they should not do

any kind of offensive things like breaking school's rules but what about

'Dress Codes' in school? That thing may be going to against to gender

related problems such as boys must wear long pants or girls must wear

skirts. Hopefully the world where they both can choose their favolite

color clothes at school would come. If we have been trapped in gender

things we would lost the good thing like 'Gays, Lesbians, Colored People,

Disabled People can live together with us.' Like all people have rights

to wear what they want in school or workplaces.

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Well here in the UK, every school has a uniform and as much as I hate to say it, it works.


It means that fewer people get bullied whilst at school because of what they wear. You can tell this because whenever a non-uniform day comes around, some people recieve no end of stick because of what they are wearing when usually they would be left alone. As for people who feel the need to express themselves, you still get people who will wear their uniform in a certain way so it's not as if they are ordering everyone to look the same, and it doesn't affect you out of school.


The thing I do have issue with though is making students cut their hair. I have been to two schools which both make people cut their hair once it gets to a certain length. It seems unfair to me that people must have to follow the school's dress code so that it means you will be affected in your day-to-day life

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^I don't understand, how does it work? Fewer kids get bullied because of what they wear, but I'm sure the bullies find other ways to get at them, as you've stated, some kids are still different.



I got into a debate today and this was the leading argument for the opposition. It's true, uniforms in a school that divided can do some good, in the sense that it destroys the effect of poorer kids feeling lesser than those who are richer. However, I like to think that overall, it doesn't do enough to make it really worth it. One of the main points in my article is that no matter what kids dress like, the caste system will still exist, even if it isn't so evident externally. Dress codes may make it easier for poorer kids to fit into a rich environment, but in the end it doesn't do them all that much good.


Anyhoo, I've re-written my article, and I do mean re-written. It's now a completely different animal, although it is still in need of much work. It's still repetitive, but I think in a mostly good way. If you want to check it out, Click Here. This time, I only really center on one point for why I disprove of strict dress codes, even though I can ramble on into all sorts of areas like you may have seen.

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When I was at high school we had both.


For the 1st 4 years you could pretty much wear what you want but once I became a prefect in 5th year I had to wear black trousers, white shirt and our school tie. They made us wear it to try and convice the younger years that they had to wear it. It was one of the conditions of staying on at school ( In Scotland you can leave high school after 4 years) and we all had to sign a contract to say we would wear it.


And to be honest, I preferred wearing uniform, A) because it meant I didn't have to think about what I was going to wear the next day and B) It stopped my clothes getting ruined. I found that all my clothes lasted for longer.


The school I went to now has a new head teacher and he has enforced school uniform for all years and has even introduced a blazer. My school wasn't the best school, it was in quite a deprived area and there was alot of bullying around the appearance of people but now im told thats no longer around and people now take more pride in the school


Here is a pick of us in our uniform, this was on the last day of school. Some people only have black and white on but you were allowed to do that on the last day....


Our uniform

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In all truthfulness, Girl's uniforms just make them sexier than what they normally wear. (half their a$$es hanging out and midriffs showing) That being said, I'm for them, but only at all boys or all girls schools. Don't ask me why, as i don't want to go into it. I went to a school that had basic guidelines, and we were fine. This is public school mind you. I don't believe in mandatory uniforms in public institutions of learning, but whatever, it isn't really a bid deal in my opinion.

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At Moeller High...its not THAT bad.....dress pants, or basicaly anything that isnt jeans or cargos, ....pants.....and a collared shirt....and I love the prepy look..so yay...kinda....dress shoes...no jackets or hoodies...the half zip downs is what we can wear.....but it sucks.....lemme wear my precious cargos and hoodies!!!!!!

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